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(FAKE) The Walking Cat Vision Logo (1989-1999)-0

Nickname: Opening Variant: "Erry Vision Film's Sneaky Foreign Brother" "Here Comes!! Cat Boy!!!!!" "Cat Boy of Doom"

Closing Variant: "Cat Boy Came Back" "Blatant Use of Manish Films" "Grass ACame" "The Cat is Not Here!"

Logo: We See A Many Footage of Family Matter (Episode as Season 2 of MacGyver) But The Footage Freezes and Words "THE WALKING CAT" Written in Hand Font and " VıSıON" is Still Arial Font.

Closing Variant: The Footage of Family Matter is Again and The Footage Freezes and The Text Fading in and Says "This is Production by" in Hindi and The Red Text "THE WALKING CAT" Written in Hand Font and "VıSıON" in Still Arial Font Again.

FX/SFX: It's All Live Action..

Music/Sound: Same as Sham Ralhan Productions,Manish Films,Kalatmak Productions and Baldevjiu Productions.

Availability: Seen on Early Examples "Ek Rahasy Kee Billee" That Only First Film,Middle Film "Ek Khoya Khajaana Kee Billee","Ek Kros Bhoomi Kee Nillee" and the Last Film "Phainal Mein Saahasik Billee" (All of Them are Live Action Not Animation).

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "Cartoon Cat" "Cat Boy II" "Here Comes Cat Boy II" "Cartoonist Cat I Ever Seen" "Laser Colors"

Logo: On a Tiger Sprited Background Reveal the Black and Blue Gradient We See The Tabby Cat Walking in a Grass of Tall Leafs But The Cat Walks Sideways and Again and The Same as The First Logo But the Animated Cat Sees It and Walks and Sometimes The Laser Colors Turns Cat into a Great Cat Boy and Sometimes "VıSıON" in White In It's Bottom and The Text Reads "THE WALKING CAT" Written in Hand Font from the Same Logo and Fades Out.

FX/SFX: An 2D Animated and Laser Colors Forming the Cat Boy.

Music/Sound: Same as The Go Go Film Production Co Ltd.

Availability: Seen on Late Examples "The Cat That This Match Against Carpenter" & The Cat and The Mask of the Wolf" (All are Probably Live Action Adventure Film Not Animation About Episode).

Editor’s Note: Due to The Same First Logo and Appearance.

The Walking Cat Presentation

3rd Logo


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(FAKE) The Walking Cat Presentation Logo (2001-2006)

Nickname: "Cat Boy Returns" "Cat Boy of Doom II" "An Blatant Used of Aryan Films"

Logo: We See Many Footage of Family Matter (Episode of MacGyver) But Footage Freezes and The Same Logo That Text "VıSıON" Replaced by "Presentation".

FX/SFX: All Live Action.

Music/Sound: An Aryan Films Fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Later Examples "The Cat of the Legend","The Cat to the Rescue" and "The Cat of Master King".

Editor’s Note: None.

4th Logo



(FAKE) The Walking Cat Presentation Logo (2005-)

Nickname: "The Calico Cat" "Where's Cat Boy?" "2005 Live Action and Animation Films of India"

Logo: On a Black Background We See a Calico Cat Holding a Belt on his Mouth with the Yellow Words "The Walking Cat Presentation" in Aclonica Regular Font and "Presents" in Arial Font.

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sound: Same as the 1983 Dwarakish Chitra Logo.

Availability: Seen on Live Action and Animation a Films Including "The Cat and The Chruch Days","Cat in the Tree",The Cat's Christmas Blues" and More.

Editor’s Note: None.