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Ticin Films Movies is the motion picture arm of Ticin's YouTube company Ticin Films Inc.

1st Logo (2013)

Nicknames: 20th Century Replica, The TV

Logo: We zoom down onto a logo similar to the 20th Century Fox logo, though the tower has a TV on it and says "T.F. MOVIES". While zooming, we see an iPhone, a computer mouse, some applications that you get on your iPod or iPhone in the background, an Apple tower, and some toy searchlights. The screen flips through 5 pictures while the logo zooms down, featuring a girl and a boy in an above-ground pool, 3 toddlers, Grimmy the dog with a grumpy expression on his face and Wade Duck from U.S. Acres reading a book, with Roy Rooster from the same show and also from the Funhouse logo standing behind him. When the logo stops zooming down, a picture of a girl wearing pajamas and cat slippers looking at a piece of metal with a relived expression on her face appears on the screen, with the name "TICIN FILMS" in the picture.

Closing Variant: A clip from the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, Kid Stuff sits on a black background. The still has a white outline. We see the text, Ticin Films Movies in a Times New Roman font and the copyright underneath.

FX/SFX: The logo zooming down

Cheesy Factor: This logo has some changes than the original 20th Century Fox logo.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy robotic tune, along with some future sounds.

Avaliability: This logo was first seen on The Crazy Wars Movie. Then later on some other movies.

Scare Factor: None; the music is rather soothing, as well as the robot sounds.