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Tiger Entertainment is formed as a division of XPK Productions by Xavier Pikes-King to produce and distribute films by specific genres of Horror, Thriller, African-American, High Suspense and Action in 2012.

(December 6, 2013-present)

Logo: On a cloud background, we see a tiger roaring to the camera 25 times.  The word "TIGER ENTERTAINMENT" in a yellow OCR A Extended font fades in after 13 times. The words "A XPK PRODUCTIONS COMPANY", also in a yellow OCR A Extended font fades in after 15 times.

Trivia: The logo was done by Picture Mill. Also, the footage of the tiger was shot at Malayan and the cloud background was shot at Los Angeles, albeit slowed down.

FX/SFX: The clouds moving, the tiger roaring, the company name and the byline fades in.

Chessy Factor: The roaring of the tiger is very choppy, but the company name and the byline fading in looks cheap.

Music/Sounds: The same as the Bogus Features logo, but the last notes of the Bogusfilm Ltd. logo theme. A wind sound and a tiger sound plays during the music.

Availability: First seen on The Legend of the Bible Group, and will expected on future movies by this company. Also seen on video journals of Market Games in the Light and Butterflies.

Scare Factor: Minimal, but the animation of the tiger looks scary. Compared to the 2011 XPK Productions logo, it was very proud of you.