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Background: Timberwolf Productions is the vanity card of Goanimate Poop

1st Logo (2010-present)

Logo: Over a Night Background, with the moon and a lamp within a grey fence, we see a woman from Go!Animate, who walks from the left, then the words "Timberwolf Productions" in the Accidental Presidency font appear.


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  • It depends on the show we see
  • On the SquadHater2002/SquadHater2002isBACK video, Kalya the Vampire, the woman is the reverend at Kalya and Kimberly's funeral, who is crying and the words "A Timberwolf Production" appear on the moon. "The First Nöel" can be heard through the logo.

FX/SFX: The walking, the crying and the appearance of the words.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show, or a sound of a wolf howling.

Availability: On some Go! Animate Poop videos. Suprisingly, It appeared on Luigi's Movie, but a different variant is used!

Scare Factor: Medium to Low, the wolf howl may scare a few.