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Background:Time Life Animation was the animation division of Time Life Books, founded in 1991.

1st logo (1991-1998)


  • Normal Variant: "Katie" "Katie In a Box" "T[ime-Life]-1000"
  • Later Variant: "Discordant Tones of Death" "That Strange logo at the start of A Child's First Video Library of Learning" 'WTH is Going on In Here!?" "ShapeShifter Time-Life of Doom" "IMAX's Louder Cousin" "TOO MUCH NOISE!!!" "Telstar's Big Brother" "The Collision of Telstar Video, THX, Xplosiv, IMAX, and Time-Life Animation"



FX/SFX: Excellent CGI combined with Scanimate

Cheesy Factor:TBA

Music/Sounds: A calm synthesized fanfare. When the logo is formed, A whispering female voiceover is heard saying the company's name at the end. The electricity buzzing sound can briefly be heard as the screen "turns off.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Sometimes, The voiceover is omitted
  • The Later version has Various Synth Humming noises and eerie warbling noises are heard around as it gets more intense, then it transforms into a rising THX-like Note that increases in pitch before transitioning into an intense futuristic synth piece with drums and other sound effects. When the logo is formed, A futuristic synth/orchestra fanfare is heard. A robotic voiceover is heard saying the company's name at the end. The electricity buzzing sound at the end is different, unlike the original version.


Scare Factor: Despends on the variant.

  • Normal Variant: Medium, The Calm music may catch some of them off guard.
  • Later Variant: High to Nightmare, the sounds are even more stranger and the calm music is gone, it can scare more viewers for those who were expecting the normal variant.

The Scare Factor is lowered for those who like "A Child's First Library of Learning".

2nd logo (1998-Present)

Nicknames: "Katie II" "Max's Fleck" "The Amazing Max Logo" "The Child's First Library of Learning Logo"

Logo: On a black screen, we see Max from "A Child's First library of Learning" spot a blob of red goo. It then goes to a really close zoom on his face and hand as he starts fidgeting with it. It then gets stuck to his fingers and he struggles to throw it off. Once it does, it starts bouncing off the walls and then gets stuck to his foot. He then walks around to wipe it off, making more red spots on the ground. A shadow then appears over Max, then a giant foot stomps on Max and the goo, turning into the Time Life Animation Logo, in which consists with the current Time-Life Logo without the Red Box and "Life" is Completely Red, Katie from "A Child's First library of Learning" is shown next to the logo, The camera pans to reveal it, then Max falls off of it. Then it fades out.


  • The Characters (Max or Katie) may Depend on every show or film,
  • A Still version exists at the end of 2004 prints of "The Beginners Bible" plastering the Time-Life Kids logo. The Current prints use the Short variant instead.
  • A short version exists.
  • Starting in 2010, the logo is given an enchanted look,
  • A Rare Extended variant also exists on the start of current prints of "A Child's First Video Library of Learning" including the Blu-Ray Prints as well.
  • On the Amazing Max Christmas Special, "Max's Christmas Blast!", Katie is dressed up as Santa Claus, plus we hear Max shouting off-screen "Merry Christmas!"

FX/SFX: Max and the dot, Max struggling, the foot stomping Max, and the camera panning to show the Time Life Animation Logo, produced by Toei Animation, in Japan.

Music/Sounds: A weird three note tune, followed by cartoon-like sound effects and music cues, a cartoon-like fanfare, and a hip-hop theme accompanied with a tuba "wah-wah" sound effect that reverberates.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the opening/closing theme of the movie or show plays over with the SFX playing over.
  • When this logo debuted on "Amazing Max", only the SFX was heard and the music is omitted.
  • The Still Version is Silent.
  • On rare occasions, if played in 5.1 Surround Sound, The SFX pans from Left to Right, and extra SFX can be heard if played in Dolby Surround.

Availability: Current, The logo first debuted on "Amazing Max"

Scare Factor: Minimal, the animation might startle a few, but fans of "A Child's First Library of Learning" may like this. Nonetheless, it's a funny and cute logo.