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Background:Time Life Animation was the animation label of Time Life Books, launched in 1991.

1st logo (1991-1998)


  • Normal Variant: "Warp" "Fusion"
  • Later Variant: "Discordant Tones of Death" "That Strange logo at the start of A Child's First Video Library of Learning" 'WTH is Going on In Here!?" "ShapeShifter Time-Life from Hell" "T-1000 Life" "Transformation Life"



FX/SFX: Excellent CGI combined with Scanimate

Music/Sounds: A calm synthesized fanfare. When the logo is formed, A robotic voiceover is heard saying the company's name at the end.. The electricity buzzing sound can briefly be heard as the screen turns off.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Sometimes, The voiceover is omitted
  • The Later version has Various Synth Humming noises and eerie warbling noises are heard around as it gets more intense, then it transforms into a rising THX-like Note that increases in pitch before transitioning into an intense futuristic synth piece with drums and other sound effects. When the logo is formed, A futuristic synth/orchestra fanfare is heard. And lastly, the voiceover from the original version. The electricity buzzing sound at the end is different, unlike the original version.


Editor's Notes: Despends on the variant.

  • Normal Variant: The Calm music may catch some of them off guard.
  • Later Variant: The sounds are even more stranger and the calm music is gone, it can scare more viewers for those who were expecting the normal variant.

2nd logo (1998-Present)

Nicknames: "Imagine!" "The Child's First Library logo" "Alex and Annie"

Logo: TBA


  • The Characters (Alex and Annie) may Depend on every show or film,
  • A Still version exists at the end of 2004 prints of "The Beginners Bible" plastering the Time-Life Kids logo. The Current prints use the Short variant instead.
  • A short version exists.
  • Starting in 2010, the logo is given an enchanted look,
  • A Rare Extended variant also exists on the start of current prints of "A Child's First Video Library of Learning" including the Blu-Ray Prints as well.

FX/SFX: Excellent CEL Animation, all produced by Nippon Animation, in Japan.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the opening/closing theme of the movie or show plays over with the SFX playing over.
  • When this logo debuted on "AstroDudes", only the SFX was heard and the music is omitted.
  • The Still Version is Silent.
  • On rare occasions, if played in 5.1 Surround Sound, The SFX pans from Left to Right, and extra SFX can be heard if played in Dolby Surround.

Availability: Current, The logo first debuted on "AstroDudes"

Editor's Notes:,the animation might startle a few, but fans of "A Child's First Library of Learning" books may like this. Nonetheless, it's a cute logo.