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Background: You stole TIT Communications Company and TAT Communications Company and it's ALSO fake!


Timon Communications Company

2020 12 27 01 47 40

Timon Communications Company (Fixed)

Nicknames: "The T.I.M.O.N Rising Star", "Cheesy Star", "T.I.M.O.N T.V. Tube

Logo: Up against a light blue background, we see the following text TIMON inside a black TV tube shape.



The "TIMON" word is in a font called Duoline, and the text "COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY" is in a font called Impact below the black TV tube. A white star rises from the background and places itself over the last "N" in the "TIMON" word. Then the black TV tube shape opens millions of Timcos and the star falls as millions of Timcos appears. The unfixed one doesn't have the star falling off and the black TV tube shape doesn't animate like the TIT Communications Company logo that well.

Music/Sounds: Same as the TIT Communications Company logo.