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Background: Toei EKI, short for Toei Company El Kadsreian Islands and formerly known as Toei UVS and Toei Company United Vlokozuian States, the El Kadsreian division of Toei Company Ltd., was founded on June 30, 1977 after the release of Robotman to help distribute and produce Toei productions in El Kadsre. The company's first release was Robotman 2, while its first anime distributed in El Kadsre by the company was Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Toei EKI then began releasing televised material made in El Kadsre beginning with the hit and long-running Kadsreanime series, Gaia Force 5, which helped kickstart the popularity of Kadsreanime outside of the El Kadsreian Islands.

Toei UVS

1st Logo (1977-1978)

Nicknames: "The Vlokozuian Seashore", "The Vlokozuian Triangle", "Waves and Vlokozu Rocks"

Logo: Same as the 1958-2001 Toei logo, but after the logo fades out, a blue background fadeswith text saying, "RELEASED BY TOEI COMPANY LIMITED OF THE UNITED VLOKOZUIAN STATES" in white.

FX/SFX: Same as the 1958 Toei logo, but with the text and background fading in at the end added.

Music/Sounds: The sound of waves crashing, silent, or the opening theme of the film.

Availability: Rare. It was only seen on films beginning with Robotman 2.

Editor's Note: Considering that Toei EKI was recently founded when this came out, this was a suitable choice for a new divison.

2nd Logo

(August 25, 1978-1999)

Nicknames: "Nova Toei", "The Vlokozuian Triangle II", "The Boring Vlokozuian Triangle"

Logo: On a blue background, we see the triangle from before in white. Below the triangle is the text "TOEI" in Latin letters.

Trivia: This logo was also designed to be a print logo seen in Vlokozuian movie posters.


  • In Nova Orbis, the text, "TOEI" is large and is located next to the triangle.
  • The background can appear as navy blue, royal blue or lavender, depending on the film quality.
  • On later releases, starting in 1993, the background is gradient blue.

FX/SFX: The simple fade-in and fade-out of the logo.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Uncommon. Was seen in El Kadsreian television movie prints by Toei EKI during its time period. This logo's only theatrical appearance was in Nova Orbis (Which is also the first movie to use this logo). It can be seen on various Technic Heores telefilms like Bionicle Presents: Toa Nuva vs. Toa Metru, Bionicle vs. Hero Factory vs Toxic Pizza, Nova Orbis vs. Robotman and more. This logo also appeared on the EKOVA (El Kadsreian Original Video Animation) film, Gaia Force 5: The Time Rift.

Editor’s Note: None.

3rd Logo


Nicknames: "The Boring Vlokozuian Triangle II", "The Vlokozuian Triangle III"

Logo: On a blue background, we see the same triangle from before, with the text, "TOEI COMPANY LIMITED OF THE UNITED VLOKOZUIAN STATES", seen below the logo.

Variant: On Throwbots, the last movie to use this logo, the background id in a darker shade of blue.

FX/SFX: Same as the last logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Scarce. It was only seen in a few movies released during its time, including Throwbots.

Editor's Note: This was, considerably, a bland replacement for the classic Waves and Rocks logo Toei UVS used before.

4th Logo:


Nicknames: "The Vlokozuian Seashore II", "The Vlokozuian Triangle IV", "Waves and Vlokozu Rocks II"

Logo: Same as the 1977 logo, but this time, the text, "TOEI COMPANY LIMITED OF THE UNION OF THE VLOKOZUIAN STATES" appears after the logo zooms in.


  • From 1979-1980, a different shoreline was used and the text was smaller.
  • On Bionicle IV: Legends of Metru Nui, the background fades into the opening scene of the movie, with the logo fading out shortly afterwards.

FX/SFX: Same as the first logo, but this time with the text appearing below the triangle.

Music/Sounds: Same as the first logo.

Availability: Seen on various Toei UVS releases from its time, beginning with the El Kadsreian release of Galaxy Express 999.

Editor's Note: I think it's safe to say, it was the right choice for Toei EKI to use the famous seashore logo again.

Toei EKI

1st Logo


Nicknames: "The El Kadsreian Seashore", "The El Kadsreian Triangle", "Waves and El Kadsre Rocks"

Logo: Same as the 1979-1988 Toei UVS logo, but the text at the bottom now says "TOEI COMPANY LIMITED OF THE EL KADSREIAN ISLANDS".

FX/SFX: Same as the 1979-1988 Toei UVS logo

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1979-1988 Toei UVS logo.

Availability: No longer common. It first appeared on Bionicle VIII: The Final Battle, which is also the first movie by Toei EKI to be released under the current name.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo