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Background: In 1978, Martin Hoss and Richard Mays founded Toon Video, a company to distribute cartoons on home video. In 2004, Shout-Factory and Classic Media both bought 25% of the company.

1st Logo (1978 - 1984)

Logo: On a blue background, we see the company name fade in.

SFX: The name fading in.


  • On Gumby tapes from the company, the name falls down instead of fading in.

Music: None.

Availability: Very hard to find, as tapes from this era are sold on eBay for nearly $100, many Gumby and Underdog tapes from this era have this logo.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (1984 - 1992)

Logo: On a black background, we see a thunderbolt strike, then "Toon VIDEO" fades in.

SFX: The thunder striking.


  • On Underdog tapes, three thunderbolts strike.
  • On Bullwinkle tapes, the thunderbolt is outmitted.

Music: A quiet lightning strike.

Availability: Rare, as most tapes ceased to use this logo in 1989, though Popeye tapes continued to use this logo until 1992.

Scare Factor: Low.

3rd Logo (1989 - 2004, 2006-)

Logo: On a white background, a airplane flies around and steam makes up "Toon" and blue clouds make up "Video".


  • In 2000, a DVD edition was made of the logo, after the plane flies away, cartoon elves appear building "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" under "TOON".
  • In 1998, in honor of Toon Video's 20th Anniversery, two canaries carry a banner saying "Distributing your favorite cartoons on video for 20 years."
  • When the logo returned in December 2006, the logo was made HD, and after the plane leaves, a cartoon penguin appears under "Toon" and slides, behind the penguin the Blu-ray logo appears.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh as the plane flies by, and a harp after the plane leaves the screen.

Availability: Common, seen on the last Bullwinkle tapes the company made, all Underdog VHS tapes until the late 90s. All Popeye tapes and DVD starting from 1992 to 2004. All Total Television releases by the company from 1989 to 2002, the first tape to use this logo was The Best of Popeye, the last appearance of the logo was on the 2004 DVD release of The Alvin Show: The Complete First Season. However, the logo is still used on regular Blu-ray releases from the company. The regular version of the logo was retired in 2001, after the Home Entertainment variant was introduced.

Scare Factor: None to low, this is a memorable logo.

4th Logo (2004-)

Logo: On a white background, six bubbles fly around, eventually making one, inside the bubble is "TOON HOME ENTERTAINMENT"


  • On some DVDs, cartoon kids are seen building "TOON HOME ENTERTAINMENT" out of the snow.
  • On HD-DVDs after the logo is in HD, and at the end the black ends pop the bubble and the company name falls out.

Music/Sounds: A soft fanfare.

Availability: Seen on all current DVDs and HD-DVDs released by the company. Mainly DVDs with the Classic Media logo on the spine, though starting in 2012, it also appears on Shout Factory DVDs.

Scare Factor: None for the regular variant, low for the HD-DVD variant.

5th Logo (2011 - present)

Logo: On a black background, the airplane from the 3rd logo (now in CGI) comes flying at the screen, then it falls leaving a large crack. Then a cartoon elf (using digital animation rather than cel animation) walks into the scene and slaps a "Toon Home Entertainment" sticker onto the screen, later, in 3D fades under.


  • On some Blu-rays, a cannon appears instead and shoots a penguin out, then the penguin hits the screen and a cowboy carries a "Toon Home Entertainment" sign, and "in 3D" falls.
  • On 3D reissues of the Classic Media library. A book appears on a wood background, when the book opens, it says "All your favorite cartoons..." and a pig pulls down the screen revealing "in 3D" then "TOON HOME ENTERTAINMENT" falls on the pig.

Music/Sounds: The first variant has a trumpet fanfare, mixed in with bongos. The second variant has a louder version of the 4th logo's music. The last variant have the harp from the 3rd logo.

Availability: Seen on all 3D Blurays from the company, the second variant is the most common.

Scare Factor: Low to Medium, the in-your-face animation may be jarring.

International Logos[]

United Kingdom[]

1st Logo (1981 - 2003)

Logo: On a white background we see the company name and one of these happens

  • A kangaroo dressed like Elvis Presley dances across the screen,
  • Penguins slide across the screen.
  • The background turns black.
  • The logo grows antlers.
  • Underdog flies around the logo.
  • The name turns to clay and moves away.


  • Kangaroo: A disco beat.
  • Penguins: None
  • Black: Crickets
  • Antlers: None
  • Underdog: Underdog saying "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"
  • Clay: The start of Gumbasia.

Availability: Rare, but easy to find in the UK, the kangaroo variation was used on American releases of Rocky and Bullwinkle from 1981 - 1984. The penguin variation was used on UK releases of Deputy Dawg and Pingu on both VHS and DVD, though it stopped showing on Pingu in 2002 when Warner Bros. bought Toon Home Entertainment UK. The dark variation is easiest to find, it was seen on DVD releases of pre-1943 Looney Tunes. The antlers variation was used on the extremely rare Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Complete Set, which sells for over $200 regularly and $1,000 for the golden edition. The Underdog edition is even harder to find, it was only seen on Underdog: The Complete Gold Set VHS, which sells for $300. The clay variation is easy to find in the UK, as it was seen on Gumby VHS tapes in the UK.

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant.

  • Kangaroo: None to minimal.
  • Penguin: None, it is most seen.
  • Black: Low, the sudden darkness may get to some.
  • Antlers: Low, the sudden growth of the antlers may get to some.
  • Underdog: Low to Medium, Underdog's sudden appearance may get to some.
  • Clay: Medium to high, the music in Gumbasia is startling.