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1st Film Rating


Rating:  in a rainbow-ish background, we see Oscar the gold guy , stands in a top,

then the rating fades up.

Variant: In G-Rated films, we see the Letter G in a circle.

PG -Parental Guidance Advised: we see the word PG Or the picture of a parents having the Parental guidance.

PG-17 -Not Child to watch: We see the word saying PG-17 or the picture of the child is watching the PG-17 film in a No sign.

R - Restricted: the rainbow BG is now replaced by the Red BG, The word R Zooms in instead fades in.


each R/PG-17 Rated film,

there are symbols:

1. Girl is kissing and cuddling the 10-year old boy. [Sexual Content]

2. The speech bubble that says @*!" [Bad/Mild Language]

3. The bomb  with the litting fuse [Violence]

4. A child that having bad dreams [Nightmares]