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Background: TrimantleMedia is a US-based media conglomerate company founded in 2000 as a merger of Eon8 Television and USBS/Radio-Estatos-Unidos; the companies merged to become "USBS Group" and by renaming Eon8 Television to its current name, who currently owns the North American, Dave Gordon, and Greg Bundy libraries, among other formats. In 2003, TrimantleMedia acquired Australian production company Crackerbarrel Productions, who merged with another owned TrimantleMedia Australian company Bundy Television to form "TrimantleMedia Australia". Today, TrimantleMedia is a division of the USBS Group, and is 90% owned by Hong Kong media conglomerate, Cinema City & Media Co., which is 80.9% owned by the Hong Kong SAR government and 19.1% owned by the Chan family.

Nicknames: "The Scribble", "Dismantle", "Trimangle", "Scribblemantle", "Creamantle", "TriPaintle" Logo: On a royal blue background, a splash of white paint flies through the air, going from left to right. Then, another splash is seen going the other direction, and then a third flying down from left to right. Then, white paint "bubbles" out in the center, then pulls back and to the right as the paint circles around to form the scribble logo. The words "TRIMANTLEMEDIA", in condensed Futurist font, fade in to the left of the scribble. Variants:

  • On European-produced shows, the words "EUROPE", in non-bold Futurist type, appear right under "TrimantleMedia" next to the scribble. For Australia, the word "AUSTRALIA" would appear under the name.
  • The phrase "distributed by" appears above the name for UK distribution of shows from the US.
  • The phrase "Distributed by TRIMANTLE INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION" appears underneath the logo for global distribution since 2003.
  • A variant has been spotted with a white background, black text, a blue scribble, and no animation on the final season of Dave's Price is Wrong. Some episodes of US TPIW from 2002 (like the first "Million Dollar Spectaculars") also have this logo.
  • A much more common shorter version starts at the paint bubble.
  • Some versions of this logo are stretched out, such as the one appearing after episodes of The Price Is Wrong $1,000,000 Spectacular from 2008.
  • Starting in the 36th season of The Price Is Wrong, the TrimantleMedia logo can now be seen on credits, replacing the Dave Gordon Productions logo. "TRIMANTLEMEDIA" is in white, and the "Scribble" is royal blue. The logo is accompanied by the following announcement: "This is Saul Grass speaking for The Price is Wrong, a TrimantleMedia production.".
  • There is a variant with this logo on a white background. The scribble is blue and the words are black. The logo is totally still. This variant is also used in games made by TV shows.
  • There is a B/W variant.
  • On some USBS airings of Roommates, the URL appears below.
  • The logo appeared superimposed, inside a box, on later episodes of 100 Brasileiros Dijeron (Brazil's version of Family Fight). The fully animated logo also appeared on the Brazilian version of TPIW, inside a box (with a white border), against a black background.
  • On Portugal's version of TPIW, the phrase "Uma producao RCP executada por:" ("An output performed by RCP") appears above the logo, and is true for all shows on RTP from the company.
  • An in-credit version appears above the Octagon logo on the Netherlands' version of TPIW.
  • A super-imposed version of the logo appears in rectangular form, above the Caranal TV logo, on 100 Argentinos Dicen (Argentina's version of FF)
  • On Hole in the Floor on KittenMation, the short logo is superimposed in the credits after the HITF theme ends. The logo plays with a +1 pitch in a blue rectangle, and after the superimposed logo ends, the American version of the logo plays.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Flying and bubbling paint, the text fading in, the design of the scribble logo. Music/Sounds: A gentle sounder with a guitar strum, bongos, and woodwinds. Composed by Musical Productions.

Music/Sound Variants:

  • At the end of The Price is Wrong and Car or Goat? on MTM, there is a generic guitar-driven MTM music.
  • In other cases, the end-title theme plays over or it's silent.
  • A long version exists.
  • There is a very short version with the last four notes of the theme.
  • On Nightwatch, episodes of The Price is Wrong on the 2008 DVD "Best of" set, episodes of Family Fight from season 14 and onward, and all game shows aired on USBS3's "Classic Game Show Paradise" block, there is a low tone version of the theme.
  • On Argosy Game Shows and Gambling's airings of Strike It Rich in the UK, the end of the theme plays over the logo on the first two seasons; on the third season the logo jingle plays, cutting of the theme music presumably due to sloppy plastering.
  • On DVD releases of the 1983 television film Andy, the closing theme of this movie is heard, and, after the logo has finished, then the short version of the 1978 Chuck Norris Productions theme over the finished logo. The CNP logo interestingly, is seen before the TrimantleMedia logo.
  • On Where the Hell's that Silver???!!! on its DVD release, it uses the Eon8 Television music on the "Europe" version, as a result of double plaster.

Availability: Very common. The short version with sounder can be seen on the current version of Family Fight, the second season of Wham! The All-New Press Your Chance on Argosy Game Shows and Gambling, live editions of Wolf's American Star, The Price is Wrong and Car or Goat? on MTM, My Babysitter's a Zombie on Shires Channel, The Aquacats! Super Show on The Buh, and Sunmonu on DinosaurToons. The long version appears on Wham! The All-New Press Your Chance's first season with the show's theme playing over it. MTM shows the short logo with the generic theme at the end of The Price is Wrong. Also, prerecorded editions of American Star (i.e. preliminary auditions and second-round performance shows) have the generic Wolf theme over the short version. The long version with sounder can be found on the Spanish-language version of Family Fight on Futuravision, and on DVD releases of American Star, Memory Game, Family Fight, and The Price is Wrong. The Australian version appears on post-2006 episodes of Roommates among other current series in Australia. It was last seen on Hole in the Floor on KittenMation and IBS's reruns of Nightwatch. It's also seen on seasons 3-8 DVD releases of The Police. It appears at the end of Jack The Killer after the final credit that precedes the Ramirol-Videopictures logo since it's a NYTV production.

Scare Factor: Low. The sounder is actually relaxing, although some may be put off by the initial size of the paint bubble. None for the still variant.