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1st Logo (1984-1986)

Tagline: "The Triangle That Moved Around" "Why Did They Put Flashing Lights?"

Logo: On a white background with lines a triangle slowly appears, it moves around then flashing lights appear, then a black background appears and a "Kaboom" sound happens as the triangle appears again with the words Triumph Video on the top of it.

FX: The triangle moving from left to right and the flashing lights.

Availability: Check for Triumph Videos in the US and Canada. Can also be seen on Empire Home Video's releases, "Never Too Late To Die", "Burning For Real" and "Happy Toes.

Scare Factor: Medium due to the flashing lights.

2nd Logo (1986)

Tagline: "Triumph Video The Boring Edition" "The Boring Triangle"

Logo: Just a still shot of the Triumph Video logo then after 10 seconds goes to the FBI warning.

FX: None, since it's only a still shot.

Availability: Only found on VHS and Laserdiscs from 1986.

Scare Factor: None but it would get worse on the 3rd logo

3rd Logo (1987)

Tagline: "I'm In Hell Now" "Why Triumph Why?"

Logo: The triangle moves up and then thunder appears as the triangle has a creepy face. Then it turns to Triumph Video.

FX: The thunder and the triangle and it's creepy face.

Availability: Seen on Triumph Video's releases in 1987.

Scare Factor: NIGHTMARE, This logo has scared children and some people had burned these tapes due to the logo being scary.

4th Logo (1988-1992)

Tagline: "Ugh, Triumph Triangle" "Triumph Video The New Triangle"

Logo: We see the letters TRIUMPH in a Futura typeface. VIDEO appears and zooming in in the same font as TRIUMPH. The triangle zoom out.

FX: The animation in the logo.

Availability: Seen on later Triumph Video's releases until 1992.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, the triangle may scare some.