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Background: Uncle Grandpa Productions is formed by me, Larry Kaplan of Uncle Grandpa Fandom,  to make animated shows.

1st Logo (2013-)[]

Nicknames: "Who Wants A Piggy Back Ride?", "Uncle Grandpa's Piggy Back Ride"

Logo: On a White Background, we see Uncle Grandpa who is about a small size as Pizza Steve and he walks up to become big. Then, he asks, "Whooooooooo wants a piggy back ride?" Then, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger join in. Suddenly, the ground cracks and the gang falls into a hole. The words "Uncle Grandpa Productions" zoom out of the hole.

FX/SFX: Uncle Grandpa walking up, UG asking the gang if they want a piggy back ride, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus and GRFT joining in, the ground cracking and smashing, "Uncle Grandpa Productions" zooming out of the hole.

Music/Sounds: Walking sounds, Uncle Grandpa asking "Whoooooo wants a piggy back ride?", Pizza Steve saying "I do!", Mr. Gus saying "I do, too." and grunting, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger growling, the ground cracking and smashing.

Availability: Can be seen after the end credits of the movie "Uncle Grandpa: The Movie", and can be seen on TV shows as a short version.

Scare Factor: None to low. The sound of a ground cracking and smashing could catch you off-guard. Especially if it evolves watching Uncle Grandpa.

2nd Logo (2013-2014)[]

Nicknames: "Uncle Grandpa's Doublejack Madness Spectacular!", "Jump Rope", "Split Up, Come In and Play.", "Grandprope"

Logo: On a white background (like the 1st logo), we see Uncle Grandpa splitting into 2 Uncle Grandpas to use the arms as Jumpropes. Mr. Gus & Pizza Steve joins in the fun. Then they tie up into knots. "Uncle Grandpa Productions" appear above. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger flies above the text and she roars.[]

FX/SFX: UG Splitting into 2 UG's, Arms transforming into Jumpropes (or Grandpropes), Mr. Gus & Pizza Steve coming in, The gang tying up in knots, The text appearing above.

Music/Sounds: The sound of Uncle Grandpa splitting up, Mr. Gus & 2 UG's singing the lines "Doublejacks, Doublejacks, it's so fun. Doublejacks, Doublejacks, everyone!", The sound of the rope tying in knots, and GRFT roaring.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on S1 and early S2 episodes of The Larry Kaplan Show on The Vinyl Channel so far.

Scare Factor: None. Uncle Grandpa is again cool. And any fans of the show will like this logo.

3rd logo (2014-)[]

Nicknames: "Rainbow Trails", "Text Trails"

Logo: On a space background, we see the words "Uncle Grandpa" flying in, leaving the trail of the colors of the rainbow. Then, as the rainbow trail disappears, the text is surrounded by "A" and "Production" on the top and bottom of the text, respectively. The star pops in and out of the text.

Cheesy Factor: Don't mind the on screen Cartoon Network HD bug and the words "" on top.

FX/SFX: The animation, duh?

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show accompanied by jackhammer sound effects as the text leaves a trail of the rainbow and slamming sounds when "A" and "Production" appears surrounding the "Uncle Grandpa" text. This is followed by sound clips from the show. On Uncle Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa (named after the show of the same name), Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve laughing with the twinkling sounds as the text leavs a trail of the rainbow.

Availability: Seen on Uncle Grandpa, and its Spin offs.

Scare Factor: Low. The sound effects could catch you off guard. None for the "Uncle Grandpa" variant.