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Logo: On a black background, we see a still image of the 2012 logo, but with "1440 ENTERTAINMENT" under it.

Avabillity: Seen in Woody Woodpecker and Peacock Original Curious George.



Logo: the 2012 Universal logo plays (Without the Camera moving), but at the end, the text contunues to revolve earth, causing the text and earth to squeeze while the byline fades off. Then, it spins and it changes to the 1997 logo. The text "1440 Entertainment" then appears below the text and the Comcast byline fades back in.

Variant: At the end of movies and TV shows, The logo starts with when the 1997 logo is shown.

Music.Sounds: The 2012 Universal logo plays, but when it squeezes, it changes to the Universal Animation Studios logo. At the end of TV Shows, the closing theme was used.

Avabillity: The Short version First used in Season 2 of The Land Before Time series and the music video for If We Hold On Together (2021 Version) on the DVD opening to Minions: The Rise of Gru for The Land Before Time XV. Then, the long version was first used in Curious George 6: The Runaway Monkey. Also used in Season 14 episodes of Curious George and The Future Tales of Captain Underpants, Rhyme Time Town Season 2, Madagascar: A Little Wild Season 2, The Return of King Julian, The Boss Baby: Young Team, Captain Underpants: Thinksgaving, The Land Before Time XVI, and Babe (remake).