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V.Lazy Films/Blue Rock Cinema

1st Logo (2006-2010)

Nicknames: "The Line", "Neon V.Lazy"

Logo: We see uncoloured pipes, then, a blue line come in from the left ala Palace Video and we start following it. Then, the line stops to a dead end at the end of the pipes. We switch to a red pillow with "v.lazy" in blue on it.

Variants: The Television version starts off where the line stops to a dead end and we switch to the pillow with the text. This time, the pillow says "v.lazy Television" instead. The Television Distribution version takes place in a old room. The camera pans through a camera, when it reaches the end of the camera, the camera rapidly spins around to the logo, then zooms back, to reveal the pillow inside a futuristic room with glass mirrors all over the room. The pillow says "v.lazy Television Distribution".

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: The Deep Note is heard, followed by sounds of the line passing through.

Availability: Seen on any movie/show.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the Deep Note can scare everyone.

2nd Logo (2010-2020)

Nickname: "The Line v2"

Logo: It has everything the previous logo has, but starts with many blue lines passing through a cable.

Variants: All of the TV versions remain intact.

FX/SFX: Same as Logo 1.

Music/Sounds: Same as Logo 1.

Availability: Same as Logo 1.

Scare Factor: Same as Logo 1.

3rd Logo (2020-2025)

Nickname: "The Light"

Logo: We start off in a lighthouse, with water below. A blue laser passes by and we start following the laser. The laser goes inside a tube, with two more going inside. The lasers then go really, really fast on to the lighthouse. When the lasers are in the lighthouse, a flash is seen. When the flash fades away, there is a grey, stormy sky. The lasers go down to the lighthouse rapidly and almost crash to the glass on top of the lighthouse, but repaired them selfs. They fly above the glass. Ahead, there was a light, turning itself around. The laser from the light draws the familiar V.Lazy Films logo, expect it's a globe. "v.lazy" starts popping out of the globe. When "." pops out of the globe, a electrocute happens behind it, it was the lasers. After the logo is completed, 2 searchlights criss-cross the logo. A 3rd searchlights then swoops on to us, making the screen go white (ala Fox Searchlight).

Variants: The Television version of the logo starts out with the globe already formed, but without the words popping out. This time, "v.lazy Television" pops out of the globe. No electrocute from the lasers. The Television Distribution version is the same as the Television one, this time, "Distribution" is added.

FX/SFX: The light laser forming the logo.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: If you saw the previous logos, you'd know.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, because of the hideous light.

v.lazy Animation 1st Logo (2017-present)

Nickname: "The Magic Pencil"

Logo: On a white marble background, we see a hand with a pencil (That hand belonged to me). The hand then draws the familiar V.Lazy pillow. After the hand is finished drawing the pillow, the hand grabs a red-coloured pencil and colours it just in time for 40 seconds. The hand then wrote "V.LAZY ANIMATION".

FX/SFX: The pencil drawing the logo.

Music/Sounds: An extended version of the Revue jingle (40 notes preceded the jingle and a very last note of the jingle that is held 1x longer.

Availability: Can be seen on "ET: The Animated Series".

Scare Factor: Medium for those that are scared of the Revue jingle.

Blue Rock Cinema (2006-present)

Nickname: "The Landing/Bouncing/Disappearing Square"

Logo: On a black background, we see a blue round square landing down the screen. It then bounces around the screen when it's landed. It then stops bouncing and it stays still. "Blue Rock Cinema" in a blue font fades in on top of the square. Then, "A V.Lazy Films Company" also in a blue font fades in below the text. Then the square disappears, leaving the words only.

FX/SFX: The square landing, bouncing, the text fading in and the square disappearing.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: At the end of movies produced by V.Lazy Films.

Scare Factor: None.

Broadcasters International (2006-present)

Nickname: "The Landing/Bouncing/Disappearing Square"

Logo: Same as the Blue Rock Cinema logo, but "Blue Rock Cinema" is replaced with "Broadcasters International". Also, the animation seems to go MUCH faster than the Blue Rock Cinema logo.

Variant: There was a variant which was seen after the new Triple Dare on Nickelodeon. After the logo is completed, the logo zooms back and 3 lines drew in. A byline flashed in below and the byline looked like this:

(C) 2008 V.Lazy Films. All rights reversed.

BROADCASTERS INTERNATIONAL: BRINGING WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION INTO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

FX/SFX: Same as the Blue Rock Cinema logo, but only faster.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Blue Rock Cinema logo.

Availability: Any show produced by V.Lazy Television.

Blue Rock Home Entertainment 1st Logo (2006-present)

Nicknames: "The Morphing Square", "Square Stripes", "BRHE"

Logo: In a purple sky with mountains and crystals, we see the blue square from the Blue Rock Cinema and Broadcasters International logos, spinning until 4 beams of light cross through it. The square then splits and forms into "BRHE". 6 blue, small, thin squares then circle the logo, creating 4 square stripes in the process. "Blue Rock Home Entertainment" fades in and "A V.Lazy Films Company" fades in at the bottom of the screen.

FX/SFX: The square splitting and morphing into "BRHE", square stripes being formed around the logo.

Music/Sounds: Air playing in the background, then, a deeper and slower version of the 1989-1992 LBS jingle plays with the last note of the LBS jingle extended until the logo ends.

Availability: Seen on movies owned by V.Lazy Films on DVD.

Scare Factor: None, it's really calming.