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Background: VPRO Video was a video distributor of VPRO. It created some following VHS cassettes from the week. VPRO Video got defunct in 1981.



Logo: In space, we see the logo of VPRO Video (which contains the script of the VPRO logo with Video in a badly drawn script font) with VPRO moving. It zooms out slowly, until it cuts to a background (which is a Windows XP background) with VPRO Video Presents.

Variant: There was a closing variant when the logo is in-credit.

FX/SFX: The zooming out, and the appear.

Music/Sounds: The VideOmega Entertainment logo.

Availability: It may be seen on a few VHS releases, like Bagel's World and other few VHS cassettes.

Editor's Note: This logo is ripping off Photo Video. This is actually nonsense to steal their logos. Actually, the logo rip-offs are banned, and this article can't be allowed.



Nicknames: The Shiny VPRO" "Here Is the New VPRO"

Logo: On a brown space background, we see a pair of 0 letters forming a ring-like. They reveal the VPRO logo, rotating on a square. The pair of lights appear over, going on top to shine, and make a death star (a la Gannett), and it dissapears by flying out. The logo turns black. We then go close to the logo, rotating on. The letters "Video" in a font which is the text from the 1971 PBS logo, flip in on top by letter by letter. Then it flashes by a flare, to complete all over to the black background. Then everything dissapears as they leave the letters and the text.

FX/SFX: All best animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo.

Availability: Seen on VHS VPRO releases and broadcasts, that are found on radios.

Editor's Note: None, it's a great amazing animation over, but the death star is pretty cheap, which adds a little bit of cheesiness.