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(June 13, 1970)


Visuals: TBA

Technique: The clouds moving, the globe zooming in, and the statue rising up...

Cheesy Factor: ...Which is very bad animation in 1970, as well even for a Turkish logo. The globe's design is very tacky because of how the continents are drawn and dated as well. Also, the statue is very badly designed, the man is way too small because of how big the earth is, and there nothing that the man is holding on his hands. Could they just as a bowl with a flame on it for something else that the man hands. This logo is very tacky and the cheesiest ever made.

Audio: A 11-note xylophone tune at the beginning of the logo, followed by a 4-note bombastic trumpet theme when the statue rises up.

Availability: Seen on Hagalaki.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, due to the dark colors and the tackiness of the logo, which can make people bones shiver and make them run away in fear. The music and the fact that the earth zooms in at us can also contribute as well, although it well a scary logo from Turkey. But however, the cheesiness of the logo can increase the scariness of the logo.