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The VID TV "mask" logo plays but after that "DUM DE DUM DE DUM!" Music, Fisheye (From Sailor Moon) comes in and shoots the mask with a luger and then it crumbles. "VID TV GOT JUST DESSERTS" appears in Courier in blue and then Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Sailor Jupiter and the other scouts celebrate below the text after an announcer in a deep voice says what VID deserved.


All hand drawn animation animated in DigiCel Flipbook Pro by Toei.

Music/Sound Effects

The "VID Mask" music and then a cartoon gunshot noise when Fisheye shoots it interrupts the rest of the theme and then a deep voice (Tom Kenny) says "VID TV GOT JUST DESSERTS". Then "Sailor Moon Theme" by Sailor Venus and Chibiusa plays as the Sailor Scouts celebrate.


On all Sailor Moon episodes except "VR Madness" and other banned Sailor Moon classics, A character from the show appears instead of Fisheye and instead of shooting the logo, throws his/her's weapon at the "Mask" and crumbles. Cue, celebration and "deep voice".


Will be seen on seen every anime in the universe since anime was invented and will plaster every VID TV logo on VID TV shows. Will also be likely known to be seen on the upcoming Sailor Moon documentary and TV broadcastings of every single anime film starting with the first anime film ever and makes a cameo on Pokemon The 1st Movie. A variant where the logo speeds up at 16x speed will play at the beginning, before and after the credits of Pokemon The Movie 2000.

Scare Factor

None for anime fans, but high to nightmare for little kids, but if you're watching Wheel of fortune's russian version, you will get bored and decide you want to skip this on your DVD.