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1st Logo (1998-2006)[]

Nicknames: "Viacom Wigga-Wigga Returns", "Magical Galaxy"

Logo: On a night sky background, we see Viacom logo in 1990 Viacom Wigga-Wigga font. The words read "CARTOON PRODUCTIONS" in Comic Sans font is under the logo. The logo shines at the end.

FX/SFX: All CGI Animation. The logo is shining.

Cheesy Factor: The logo zooms in and the words "CARTOON PRODUCTIONS" zooms in, too.

Music/Sounds: The music sounds simliar to THX deep note.

Availablity: Very clean and nice logo. As seen on My Pet Talking Wolf Seasons 1-5 episodes on YTV and among others.

Scare Factor: None to Nightmare. The logo's music sounds simliar to THX deep note is little bit scary and loud.

2nd Logo (2006-)[]

Nicknames: "Viacom in Space", "Rainbow Shooting Star"

Logo: On a starry background, we see Viacom logo in Viacom 2006 logo font. There was a rainbow comet flies under the logo and the words read "CARTOON PRODUCTIONS" in same font from the previous logo appears. The logo is shining and finished.

FX/SFX: The logo is designed at Blue Sky Studios that also created 20th Century Fox 2009 logo and Nicktoons Blob bumper.

Music/Sounds: The female singers with a dreamy music when the plays all over the logo. That Music sounds simliar to YTV Rainbow Trails Station ID.

Availablity: As seen on the Seasons 5 to present episodes of My Pet Talking Wolf on YTV, Funny Stories and the end of Dukey and the Rats.

Scare Factor: None to High.

3rd Logo (March 25, 2011-) (Dukey and the Rats Variant)[]

Nicknames: "Viacom V of Doom Strikes Again", "V of Doom Balloon"

Logo: On an outer space BG, we see Viacom V of Doom appears. The ribbons reads "VIACOM" in Viacom 2006 logo font on it. We see an arm (of Nigel the Rat from the show) holding the needle to pop the logo like a balloon. The logo flew away like a balloon and the show's intro starts.

FX/SFX: The logo zooms in and gets popped by Nigel the Rat.

Music/Sounds: The show's opening theme.

Availablity: As seen on Dukey and the Rats on March 25, 2011.

Scare Factor: None. Not a scary logo.