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Nickname: "Blog"

File:Vci games.jpg

Logo: On a black BG, we spin over the words "the Video COLLECTION Software".

Music/Sounds: The synth tone whooshing in.

Availability: Seen on games such as Animorphs for the GBA, and Sims 2 Pets for the GBA.

Scare Factor: Low.


Nicknames: Cubes


Logo: On a space background, We see cubes with colors make the words "The Video Collection Interactive" which the words "INTERACTIVE" where blue.

Music/Sounds: A 12-note mellow twinned tune.

Availability: Seen on the GameCube, PC, & PS2 versions of the game "Dog's Life", The Dogs Island for the Wii, and DOGZ for the PC.

Scare factor: Low.


Nickname: Tombstone


Logo: In a mystery place where it has tombstones, We see the tombstone that has the TVC print logo, with the words "INTERACTIVE" printed below the logo.

Music: The opening of the game's intro music.

Availability: Seen on Scribblenauts: United for the PC and Logo Quiz for the Wii.

Scare Factor: Low.

(2010 May 2 2010-)


Logo: We first see a white circle on a black background. A mouse clicks on the inside of the circle and fades to a grey hue. The circle tuns to a "C" and spins around for a bit. We zoom out to see the words "The Video Collection Interactive" and with copyright information in the lower right corner appears.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Seen on Snackers and Anchovy Web Series on

Scare Factor: None.