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We logo found

1st Logo (2000-2002) Nicknames:Effects trailers Logo:Lighting Dogs:what if own lines storms we zoom in into the text speed. Coke Webkinz the movie: VCI Logo.jpg we see a trailers from we drums beats we see bright BG had all lots we see a angry birds it's that's one world makes a sports we make a slingshot is flying then Chuck plays with your own he we Hal Plays they had then plays had then plays the blues jumps that his then red this plays off background turns black we zoom or text word Japan Cocoa Cola Japan is text fades out. Fire Cat movie:at the see is logo fades alert fires fade Fire Cats movie 2:we are cuts off the live action we fire zooms slows off.

Music/sounds:trailers of eased easy logo youtube & sounds.

Availability:we Logo.

Scare Factor:Lol.

Nicknames:ha ha ah dogs Logo:We see a dogs are laughing we text zooms in looks likes.

Music/Sounds:an laughs dogs whoosh.

Availability:seen on webkinz movie.

Scare Factor:low.