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Video Puerto Chango S.A is founded in 1980 by a collaboration with Freia and Cinépolis that distributed tapes of MGM/UA Home Video (later MGM Home Entertainment), MCA Home Video and CIC Video (later Universal Home Entertainment in 1999), BBC Video, RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video (later Columbia/TriStar Home Video), Walt Disney Video, Worldvision Home Video (until 1997), STEPC (until 1983, with the launch of STEPC/ARD Home Video, a joint-venture of ARD from Germany and STEPC (Señal 1, Señal 2 and Señal 3) from Puerto Chango), Canal 13 (Chile), ZDF, Toei Animation (until 2003, with the launch of Toei Video), King of Video (later Paragon Video Productions, until 1985), Sanrio Video, Lenfilm Video (Russia), Vestron Video (until 1992), Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Pony Video (later Pony Canyon), Warner Home Video (until 2004, with the launch of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment de Puerto Chango), and Televisa. In 2005, it has fallen into bankruptcy due to poor sales (the reason is that most distributors were independent from the 90s), but was saved and bought by AVH Video Home of Argentina.


Nicknames: "Video Puerto Chango presenta"

Logo: On a blue background, we see the Video Puerto Chango logo, then "presenta" types itself out below. Then the following logos appear:

  • The 1981-1988 Media Home Entertainment logo
  • The International 1981-1987 Walt Disney Home Video logo with "PRESENTA" underneath.
  • The WCI Home Video logo
  • The MCA Home Video logo
  • The Paragon Video Productions logo
  • The PMV logo

Then, warning screens appear, ending the logo.

FX/SFX: The VPC logo and the logos.