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Video Tea (1998, Cuba)

Nicknames: "The Cinema of Blatantness" "The United King Video of Cuba" "The Cheapest Cuban VHS Logo Ever!" "The Cuban Rip-Off!" "FADYO Cuban Brother" "Wait! G.I Joe: Relation Didn't Exists Until 2013! And Concrete Utopia Did Not Exists Until 2023!" "Korea Productions Ltd Cousin" "The Blatant Use Of Three Footages"

Visuals: First, we see a space background for a few seconds before fading into footage of G.I Joe: Relation (where a tungsten rod destroys London). Then we cut to the earthquake scene from Concrete Utopia, and then a red T flies around for a while before turning pink as the footage fades into the 1997 United King Video logo. Then the text "ea", zoom in as the footage then fades into a teal/orange gradient background, and then green text saying "Video", fades in on top of the "ea", text. Then the text fades out as "PRESENTA", zoom in.

Technique: Everything in this logo...

Cheesy Factor: ...Which is beyond horrible for a Cuban logo in 1998. The animation is extremely cheap and cheesy looks like it was done using a 90s video editor which is also cheesy for 1998-2000. Not that, but they stole footage from United King Video from 1997, and also the two movies G.I Joe: Relation, and Concrete Utopia. But it makes it worse because they both don't exist until 2013 and 2023. And also the music doesn't make a good sense because it consists of...

Audio: ...An 89 note piano theme and a 34-note trumpet theme.

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor: None.