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Nicknames: "Koko In A Wheelchair Bleeding", "Why, Videocraft, WHY!!??", "The Personification of All That Is Being Allowed To Do Whatever You Want With Characters Created By Your Family Members", "V of Doom's Sister", "AAAAAAAAHHH!!"

Logo: On the dark green background, we see a color drawing of Koko the Cat in a wheelchair with blood coming out of her left eye. Below it is the text "VIDEOCRAFT PRODUCTIONS INC." in black.


  • There is a animated version seen on season 4 of Girls of Midland High where Koko is pushed down a stairwell while in a wheelchair by the "Girls of Midland High" character Tanya Michaelson (the bully character), causing her to injure her left eye.
  • There is another animated version seen on season 6 of Girls of Midland High where Koko shoots herself, causing her to fall out of the wheelchair and more blood to appear.
  • On the final episode of the season 9 of Girls of Midland High, the drawing of Koko is replaced with the text "VCPI" in blue and in a font that looks like the RCA logo font and/or the "V of Doom".

FX/SFX: None (expect on season 4, season 6, and the final variant).

Music/Sounds: None (expect on season 4, season 6, and the final variant).

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the season 4 variant, we hear Tanya's infamous laugh, followed by a cymbal crash sound.
  • On the season 6 variant, we hear Valerie Peck (imitating Koko's voice actor, Danielle Smith) saying "I hate my life.", followed by a gunshot.
  • On the final variant, we hear a short piano tune.

Availability: Seen on the 1998 series Girls of Midland High on Argosy Teenz after the Meridian, Granada, or ITV Studios logo.

Scare Factor: High to NIGHTMARE, because of the drawing of Koko. NIGHTMARE for the season 4 variant and the season 6 variant. None for the final variant.