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Background: Vintage Corp is a Media Company.


Logo: On A Black Background, the word "VINTAGE" and the word "CORP" appear.

Cheesy Factor: The word "VINTAGE" is in Pink and Lazer84 Font.

FX/SFX: The word "CORP" is in White Gradient, Pink Gradient, Black Gradient, White Gradient, Blue Gradient and Black Gradient and Wigga Wigga Bold Font.

Music/Sounds: "Video Company of America (VCA Pictures)" Starts Playing but There's the First Appearance of Self-Aware Computer.

Availability: Explicit. It appears in Vintage Corp Films, Television services, Media services, Internet radio, AFN frequencies and transmitters by country (alphabetical), Other magazines and Peter & Skeeter.

Availability Variant: It appears in Vintage Corp Asia-Pacific Pictures films which might appear in Syndication (1984-2005), Adult Swim (2005-present), VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, W-VHS, D-VHS, DVD and Theatrical.

Scare Factor: None. TBA.