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This film company is the fourth oldest company, along with Shivakan Malfucntioning Film Comapny Pvt. Ltd. (Shivaka), Adiean Film Company Limited (Shivaka) and Filmstar (Shivaka), the company also makes documentaries of about the Hindu Gods and it's history.

Logo (October 9, 1897-1910)[]

Visuals: This mostly contains the letter V, the first letter in their company's name.

Variants: The color of the letter varies in the film:

  • Om: The V is colored white.
  • Shiva: The V is colored gold.
  • India: The V is colored light gray.
  • Sai Shirdi Baba: The V is colored dark blue.
  • Durga: The V is colored gray-green.
  • Raj: The V is colored brown.
  • Ghanesh: The V is colored yellow.
  • Vishunu: The V is colored dark gray.

Technique: A still painted image.

Audio: None.

Availability: See "Variants" section.