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Logo descriptions by Wizard

1st Logo

Nicknames: the waffle. he's happy, hello guys,I Good?

Logo: Here something on packback, on a black background, we see waffle zooming out, the it background white, the WAFFLECAKE playhouse fade in, and the waffle winks 

FX/SFX: Very good 

Music/Sounds: LGD, shows of ending theme 

Cheesy Factor: very good

Availability:THE VIDEO GAMES 

Scare Factor: Low to high. the waffle is winking and smiling , love me?

2nd Logo (1998)

Nicknames: The Face, The "SSF", Super Scary Face, Waffle, Disjointed nightmare

Logo: over a blue black gradient background, the plate stain on a blue/black gradient background. The hand taps over a plate and drops clipping of a eyes and a mouth to make a face (named; Brown Splat). Brown Splat then says a company as the hands touches him. During Brown Splat Screen Time (there are purple background of the blue background that form the background gradient). After that, the background and Brown Splat disappears, and the "WAFFLE" is in white, and "PLAYHOUSE" is in purple


  • Brown Splat's face and the hand looks very different, and Brown Splat says "Klasky Choopo" instead of saying the same company name as hands dose not touch him. The Background and Brown Splat disappears of CRT Television turning off
  • On a video games as the company still, it's skips Brown Splat. The text of the words in gray of "WAFFLECAKE" and the purple is in "PLAYHOUSE". the background could be black or white
  • An black background was splattered on to the screen, as the hand passes out of Brown Splat's mouth onto a waffle, and his eyes opens up while the hand puts a mouth onto the waffle (The face of Brown Splat different and taken from Klasky Csupo Robot and the W-P logo form and while his eyes got animated). At the arranged at the Movie, The purple "E" zooms in the screen as Brown Splat smiles at the viewers (like SSF 1 Variant) as the one as usual and it will be his screen times actives to form the logo.
  • This a Movie will be exist by 2009 closing logos, however, this is a choppy animation like something out of a 3-9 color scheme. While it maybe a speed one of SSF 3 Variant
  • starting in 2017, the logo reads yoylecake-treehouse.

FX/SFX: CGL Animation

Music/Sounds: the sad piano tune with splattering sound, and the Robotic voice saying "wafflecake playhouse"

Music/Sounds/Variant: A "splattering" sound when the ink appears, and a bouncy "beeping" version of the 24-note bass jingle from the 1990 logo plays during Splaat's screen time, except the first measure of the jingle has been cut, meaning that only 18 notes are played. Another "beepy" instrument plays the same jingle in the background, only it comes in a quarter measure late. The company name is stated in a robotic voice (hence the "Robot" nickname. The voice was supplied by the "Boing" novelty voice in the the text-to-speech program on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X). After the company logo appears, we hear several cartoon sound effects: a tiny boing, a lip-flapping sound, a duck quacking twice, and the classic Hanna-Barbera boing.

Availabilty: Common

Scare Factor: Depending on a logo variant:

  • SSF Variant: depending how you feel about Brown Splat, it can range from low to nightmare. Brown Splat's looks like something come out of the child's nightmare, either you will scared of that robot voice, it can may find it funny
  • SSF 2 Variant: it can range from minimal to high. the cute looking Brown Splat's funny may hug you or loving you for today, but Brown Splat's face looks like Splaat's face like in the Klasky Csupo Logo. But it was a among others. The logo was better then a SSF 1 Variant. The static background and the ending of a credits can help much
  • SSF 3 Variant: Medium to high, Because the cute looking Brown Splat was still loves you, hug you, and looks beatiful. There is no nightmares of this logo since Brown Splaat with a different face from the SSF 1 Variant and SSF 2 Variant or other reasons. It can be depending from how you feel about that logo
  • SSF 2 Variant (with SSF Sound Variant): Medium to nightmare; Brown Splat with a different face says a same company name will be unsettling. A red background and the credit shows will not help much, it can dished by Brown Splat's different face with his disturbing voice like SSF 1 Variant
  • SSF 1 Variant (with SSF 3 variant): None, as Brown Splaat's voice sounds very different like SSF 2
  • Still Variant: None