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Background: Walking Cat Production is Founded Since September 27 1985 This Indian Live Action Films Made for Example Film For Production. In 1989 It Went Defunct Due to the Serious Problems and It Started to The Walking Cat Vision in 1989.


Nickname: "The Orange Tabby Cat with The Brown Watch" "Honey,What is It" "The Cat!" "Walking Cat"

Logo: on a Blue Background We See an Orange Tabby Cat Walking with Holding his Brown Watch That Is Very Long Walking in a Background and The Text Fades in "Walking Cat Production" in White the Cat Is Still Walking in Few Seconds Until Logo Ends.

FX/SFX: Animated.

Music/Sound: Same as The Italy DomoVideo Warning Screen Music.

Availability: Seen on Only Examples The Cat and First Indian Adventures, The Cat and Ball of Yarn,The Cat and The King, and The Cat and The Telling the Truth.

Editor’s Note: None.