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Background: This variant of the Warner Bros. logo is seen on the Cartoon Network show Looney Puffs, created by Lauren Faust, the wife of The Powerpuff Girls creator Craig McCracken.

(May 13, 2002 - January 16, 2006)

Nickname(s): "Concentric Circles", "Looney Tunes Shield", "Zooming Shield", "The Bullseye", "Looney Puffs Shield"

Logo: We see the classic Looney Tunes rings, colored red with a black iris. "WARNER BROS." is seen above, with "Presents" below; both have a dark blue border. Then, the Warner Bros. shield, colored like the film logo, zooms in, and it and the text fade out as the background flips to begin the intro sequence.


  • Just like in the classic cartoons, the color of the rings and iris may vary:
    • Blue rings with one red ring and a red background
    • Green rings with a red or black background
    • Red rings with a navy blue background
    • Orange rings with a black background
  • On some episodes of Looney Puffs, the shield nearly engulfs the entire screen as it zooms, just like in Lumber Jack-Rabbit, before going back to it's normal position.
  • On the Christmas special, A Looney Puffs Christmas, snowflakes are falling in front of the logo and the WB shield is wearing a Santa hat. Instead of flipping after the shield and the text disappear, the rings then zoom in to reveal the opening shot of the special.
  • On later episodes of Looney Puffs, the logo is reanimated in widescreen.

FX/SFX: The shield zooming up, fading out and the background flipping.

Music/Sounds: The "twang" noise and the intro theme playing.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The Lumber Jack-Rabbit-esque variant uses the "twang" noise from the aforementioned cartoon.
  • The variant in A Looney Puffs Christmas has the opening music to the special playing instead of the theme song, as the intro is not present here, though the twanging noise is retained. We also hear the bells on Santa's sleigh shaking in the background.

Availability: Seen on Looney Puffs, which airs on Cartoon Network. It can also be seen on reruns of the show on Boomerang, and is intact on its HBO Max prints.

Editor's Note: This is a great logo, since it is a nice throwback to the classic zooming shield seen at the beginning of Warner Bros.' cartoons, and since it appears at the beginning of the show to let viewers know that Warner Bros. helped Cartoon Network Studios with creating the series. The variant with the shield zooming up-close like in Lumber Jack-Rabbit might scare some people though.