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1st Logo (1990)

Bumper:Supermiposed over the ending scene of a Preview, we see the words "COMING SOON TO THEATERS THIS CHRISTMAS,FROM WARNER BROS. PICTURES". This has shown after a Sneak Peek of The nutcracker prince.


Music/Sounds:The end theme of a Preview.

Availability:Seen on the 1990 VHS release of Stanley:the little dragon and the 1990 VHS Theatrical release of Dance of the vampires.

Scare Factor:None.

2nd Logo (1991-1997)

Bumper:On a black background,The 1985 Warner Home Video logo fades in. After,We see the words "COMING SOON" fades in and "TO THEATERS" fly up and connected together. Then they sparkle and shine.

FX/SFX:The sparkilng and shinning.


On the July 1992 - February 1997 VHS releases,The logo shown the byline "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY".

On the 1996 VHS print of Fred worm and the 1996 VHS release The comedies of the clown rat,Bugs bunny comes out of the word "TO THEATERS" and eating carrot as asual during before the Preview of Space Jam.

Music/Sounds:The first six notes of the fanfare. But the words sparkling and shinning.

3rd Logo (1997-2001)

Bumper:The shield zooms in like with Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies. Then the white flash apperars, and there are the clip on words. After the announcer is done saying the words, it fades out.

FX/SFX:The WB Shield zooms in, and the white flash.

Music/Sounds:A cartoon whoosing sound is heard following a white flash, and a the trumpet version of the first three notes of Max Steiner's fanfare. The announcer,Mark Eliott saying one of the following clip-ons:


  • Coming Soon To Theaters
  • Now In Theaters
  • Now Available to Videocassete
  • Now Available to own on video and DVD
  • Coming Soon to Videocassete
  • Coming soon to Video and DVD
  • Now available to own on CD & Cassete
  • Coming soon to own on CD & Cassete
  • Stay Tuned for the special presentation after the movie
  • Feature Presentation

Music/Sounds Variant:On the Warner Bros. fanfare clip-ons the orchestral hit is held for longer and what sounds like a choir note replaces the regular quiet note.

Availability:Seen on the 1997 theatrical VHS release of Space Jam and the 1998 VHS print of Gremlins.

Scare Factor:Same as the FP logo of the time,But the whoosing sound is heard.

4th Logo (2001-2004/2005-2012,2013)

Bumper:A cartoon projector turns on of the background. The camera zooms in of the movie screen. We see the words "COMING SOON" zooms in and "TO THEATERS" fly up of the background, we get gears.

FX/SFX:The clip-ons zooming out, and the gears running clockwise.

Music/Sounds:There is a gentle music.

Availability: Common; found on DVD releases such as Dexter's laboratory:the movie and Fred worm 2:Hello Brasil!,The VHS releases such as Aloha Scooby-Doo!,Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,The slepping dragon and others.

Scare Factor:Mininum.

5th Logo (2014)

Bumper:Emmet comes out of the black background. He making the words "COMING SOON" appears of top and "TO THEATERS" below. He points the text.

FX/SFX:The words is same as the font of the movie after Emmet creating the text.

Music/Sounds:the movie's opening theme,The Lego bricks and the trumpet fanfare. During Emmet saying:

  • Emmet:"Hello!"
  • Emmet:"Yes".
  • Announcer:"Coming Soon to theaters".
  • Emmet:"Good movie".

Availability:Found of the 2014 DVD theatrical premiere of The LEGO Movie.

Scare Factor:None.

6th Logo (2014-2017)

Bumper:We fade into a screen that has a yellow box in the upper-left corner and a cerulean blue box at the bottom half of the screen. Just as we fade in, blue text that reads "coming soon to theaters" (with "theaters" in a cartoon font, placed below "coming soon to") fades onto the screen in the yellow box. The Warner Bros. Pictures shield logo fades in on the blue box at the bottom. As this all happens, blue-tinted pictures of film used for the movie cameras can be seen cycling in the box in the upper-right corner of the screen.


On the 2014 DVD of Adventure time, there is also a brief scene of the hand and head of Ben Bocquelet drawn the character designed For Gumball and Darwin (from The amazing world of Gumball:the movie) laughing before the bumper is shown, and followed by the music of the Trailer.

On the 2014 DVD of The GoAnimate movie, The Stickguy and Eric comes out of the black background. Followed by the film projector and he turns on before the bumper is shown. The announcer says "Don't miss it. the special Sneak Peek, Coming to theaters from Warner Bros. Pictures".

On the MAD:the movie,Uncle grandpa in funny face Land and Steven universe meets Jake, The announcer says "Coming soon to theaters from Warner Bros. Pictures".

FX/SFX:The cycling pictured of the film, the text for both boxes text fading in.

Music/Sounds: The 8-Bit sounds at the beginning of the logo,Just the announcer --Brian Cummings-- saying his line:"Coming soon to theaters from Warner Bros. Pictures".

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on the 2014 DVD of Adventure time,The GoAnimate movie,among others.

Scare Factor; Low. Some may be suprised by the fast-paced nature of the bumper.