Background: Warped Snee-Oosh Home Entertainment is the home entertainment division of Warpd Snee-Oosh when it was was formed from Snee-Oosh's acquisition of Wild Thornberrys Video Corporation, which had been distributing Snee-Oosh titles on video. It was first known as "Warped-Snee-Oosh Video". In 1982, Snee-Oosh teamed up with ZBS to form "ZBS/Snee-Oosh Video", also launching two sub-labels; "ChalkZone Video" (later reactivated as "ChalkZone DVD" by Warped Snee-Oosh Home Entertainment), and "Pelswick Video", which both became inactive in 1991. ZBS/Snee-Oosh became "Snee-Oosh Video" the same year, alternating with the ZBS/Snee-Oosh name until 1998, when Snee-Oosh Entertainment Group acquired ZBS's interest in ZBS/Snee-Oosh and was renamed under its current name as "Warped Snee-Oosh Home Entertainment" in 1995, alternating with the Snee-Oosh Video name until 1998.

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