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Background: Wedgie Films was a company created by BlueSaturn and some others after her company was closed down. The company still exists, but it was bought by Asari, which is now called Asari Broadcasting. Many of their shows and films still appear today.

First Logo (2001-Present):[]

Nicknames: "The Wedgie Of Doom", "Poor Aaron V2"

Logo: We see Aaron at his house, watching YouTube, until he receives a message from his girlfriend, Sally. She texts: "Aaron, do you wanna go on a date with me? I set up a reservation at a casino/hotel." Aaron was excited and went to get dressed up. He was wearing a jacket, some linen shorts, a cap saying "Argosy Media" (seen on, and some jogging shoes. He went on his skateboard to her house, but while he was skating, he stupidly decided to go on the same road, and raced the cars again. He loses control and crashes into a tree. It's the same ident, but it doesn't stop there. Then, BuleSaturn appears and says "Well, well, well. Who do we have here?" Aaron says " Look, I can expla-" Before he could finish,