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Background: Williams Street Family Entertainment is a family entertainment arm of Williams Street.


File:Williams Street Family Entertainment (2012).png


  • "The Space Ghost Logo"
  • "Taunting Eric"
  • "The Space Ghost Building Strikes Back"

Logo: We See a Closeup of the SG Building from the 1999 Williams Street logo, But Eric from Go! Animate is pointing to the left of the screen, then he feels a wierdly taunt emotion, he uses a fearful emotion, and points again the left of the screen, walks away from the right of the screen, the logo zooms out, revealing the Williams Street logo, "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT" in grey appears below "WILLIAMS STREET".

Variant: On A Least One Adult Swim Show And A WBA Show Looney Tunes: Infinity, The Last Note Cut Off Early.

FX/SFX: Eric's Animation, the zoomout, and the appearing of "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT".

Music/Sounds: A Chime Bell tune, followed by a synth note.

Availability: Seen on Williams Street's Family Shows, Most notably Ferris' Funky Farm on The Hub, Xia-Xia: The Show on FOX, Hoops & Yoyo & Spike on Nickelodeon, The Lala Loopsy Show on The Hub, The Return of Invader Zim on Nicktoons, Happy Tree Friends on Nickelodeon, CatDog: The Unpaved Version on Nick5 among others. Also Appears on Some Adult Swim Programs From That Time. The Logo Was First Used in 2004 as A Pokémon Episode On Cartoon Network.

Scare Factor: None.