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Wilson Family Entertainment is an American film and television company founded in 2020 by director Jade Wilson, The Company's location is the Real Jade's Mansion in Los Angeles CA with Wilson Pictures and other Divisions, The company distributes family oriented comedy, superhero, and action movies.


Logo: Same as the 2021 Wilson Pictures logo but the "Pictures" replaced to "Family Entertainment" The WarnerMedia byline fades in below as Jade Wilson in Gacha Life style does the same pose and the WarnerMedia byline fade in as the logo shines and Jade biting a chocolate-covered peanut bar.


Trivia: TBA

Music/Sounds: Starts with the wind chime effect, then segues into A bombastic and majestic rendition of TBA plus the sound of Jade chomping a chocolate-covered peanut bar.

Availability: Debuted on TBA