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Wilson Pictures is an American film and television company founded in 1991 by director Jade Wilson. The Company's location is the Wilson Pictures Mansion in Los Angeles, California, The company distributes superhero, comedy, action, adventure, disaster, mystery, crime, thriller, classic remakes and sports movies. In 2019, Wilson Pictures was acquired by 20th Century Studios. In 2020, Wilson Pictures has many Divisions like Wilson Home Entertainment (the home entertainment division), Wilson Television (the television division), Watterson/Loud/Brown Productions, Great Pumpkin Pictures, Mayhem Sports Films, LunaMedia International Corporation, BMFC Records, Samantha Van Hof Productions, Film Lakewood, Leaf Girl Productions, EasternScreen Productions, Wonder Mandarin Productions and more

This current logo is a parody and similar to Pascal Pictures.

1st Logo (1992-present)

Logo: Just the text reading "Wilson Pictures Presents" or "A Wilson Pictures Production" on the black background

Variant: in Geniuses from Kindergarten: the text reads "A Wilson Pictures Production" but in the different text.

FX/SFX: Fading in and out

Trivia: in The Caboozers: New Beginnings, the text reads "LunaMedia International Corporation and Wilson Pictures Present" appears.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seened in the beginning of every Wilson Pictures movie.

2nd Logo (1995-2005)

Untitled (4).jpg

Logo: We see some time-lapsed clouds in the sky on a window, a kid watches the door and the shadow, and the kid walks in the door and it zooms out, then the red stacked letters "WI SON PICTURES" , zoom-in upward from the bottom of the screen and complete the words. The logo "shines".


Trivia: TBA

Music/Sounds: Some ethereal synth music that culminates into a three light synth chords, then a loud orchestral hit just like Strand VCI Entertainment logo.

Availability: First seen on Last One Out of Beach City and later appeared on Recipe for Disaster, Is There a Ghost?, Two in Love Can Make It, Three Exclamation Points (!!!), The Top Artist of the Board and Netizens, It doesn't appear on Geniuses from Kindergarten despite showing the print logo on the cover and it appears in the trailer.

3rd Logo

Untitled (3).jpg


20th Century Fox-Wilson Pictures (2003-2009)

Logo: We see the starfield with a comet flying across. Suddenly all stars fold into a glowing yellow bundle, which then moves and spreads them out. The stars form the big yellow script letter W writes and zooms in. The text "WILSON PICTURES" fades in below.

Variant: A shortened version exists on TV shows such as Security System.


Music/Sounds: A dreamy calm synthesized woodwind and bell theme composed by Sam Sharp (similar to the 2nd logo) or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: First appeared on The Baldi's Basics Movie and later appeared on Here's CJ, Sisterhood, The Top Artist Of The Board, Chief Officer of Candy Co., Flu Murders, Money Heist, We Could Be Cops!, Crash Commando and Have You Scene It.

4th Logo

Wilson pictures logo by hunterrisesagain de2yl5x (1).png


Wilson Pictures (2019-present)

Logo: On a black background, we see lines wiping in from the bottom. Then it reveals to be a image of what appears to be in a living house, such as coffee and some kind of refrigerator. Then the words "PICTURES" wipes in next to the lines. Finally it turns into a multiple set of squares, and we then see the words "WILSON" appear next to the squares. During this, the logo is in blue tint while wiping, before turning metallic.


  • On The Gravity Falls Movie and The Trial For Wendy, the logo glitches out into the Pines Family Productions logo.
  • In 2019, this logo was enhanced for 3D. The logo goes from blue to white tiny with a dark shadow, hovering in a certain angle.
  • In 2017, a 25th anniversary version was created. The text "25 YEARS" and "1991-2017" fade in above and below the logo respectively

FX/SFX: Good animation from DEVAStudios and Chrimera Studios.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Fox Lorber Films logo from 2000.

Availability: Seen on The Gravity Falls Movie (the first movie to use this logo), Batman Again, Batman Vs. Superman Part 2, Beast Boy, Bee Positive, Power Girl, Good Girls, The Trial For Wendy, The Objects, Fraternal Conjoined Twins, Detective Chimp and The Case of The Missing Mustache, Aki The Ninja Girl, The Loud House: Uninvited, Fee and Foo's Adventures, Leaf it To Kathy, HESS Kids, SwaySway A Duck and His Dream, OK KO: Let's Watch A Movie, Amethyst: The Gem Behind the Slaughter, Hello Neighbor, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Duke Nukem Forever, Fionna & Marshall Lee, and Locked Out (released in Europe as Pandemic Season), Plazalympics, Friends in The Dry Place, and Xavier Riddle (the last movie to use this logo).

5th Logo (30 Years: 2021, Official: 2021, 2022-present)

Nicknames: "CGI Logo", "Logo and the Lady in the Sky IV", "Water Tower Over Sunset", "The Reflection of the Mansion", "The Reflection of the the Water Tower", "From Los Angeles with the Brighter Side"

Logo: The camera pans across a beautiful, photorealistic CGI rendering of the Real Jade's Mansion with a soundstage at sunset, with the iconic water tower (displaying the W from the 3rd logo and "OFFICIAL HOME OF WILSON PICTURES" in five rows on it, in the new corporate font, WilSans) taking centre-stage. After a few seconds, the Wilson Pictures logo turns upright as it zooms out, revealing a realistic cloud background. Jade Wilson in a yellow-ish green blouse with a black shirt underneath it, blue jeans with a golden belt, purple boots and gold earrings and an orange bracelet on her left wrist appears to the left, does a Vanna White-like pose, and she crosses her arms and the 20th Century Studios byline fade in as the logo shines and Jade winks at them.


    • 30th Anniversary Variant: After the 20th Century Studios logo and before the previous Wilson Pictures logo, A montage of Wilson Pictures office/mansion throughout the years while two lines and rectangles showing footage from other Wilson Pictures films playing placed side by side while they did the same logo and "30" and "YEARS" appear from behind the logo and move away to surround it. "Entertaining The World" fades in underneath, followed by the 20th Century Studios byline in white. This can be seen on Plazalympics, Friends in The Dry Place, Mamba: The Kobe Bryant Story, The Fifth Element, Harriet The Spy, and Xavier Riddle.
    • in P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S!: she wears a Patriots uniform.
    • in On The Air: Same as the logo but the sunny background was replaced into a starry star background and she wears pajamas.
    • in Hackers, A "behind-the-scenes" like version of this logo showcasing the different production stages of the mansion, water tower, clouds, and the logo with the visual effects and lens flare in the 30th anniversary logo are left intact.
    • in TBA The 30th Anniversary variant is still used while the logo is tinted in midnight blue, Launching fireballs fly in from behind the logo, as the camera starts to follow the fireball to where the prologue begins.
    • in Clemmie, Tango and Bud's Adventures from The Vending Machines: using the same logo before panning down into TBA for the opening credits. Also, the logo has slightly more cream-colored, morning sky-style clouds which doesn't fade to black. The music is "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest.
    • in Objects Most Wanted: Lightbulb from Inanimate Insanity walks out, does a Vanna pose... and takes a huge bite out of the multiple set of squares. Jade is not amused.
    • On TBA the logo is silver, and appears with fire burning underneath it.

Trivia: The films that are seen here include 2078, Hotel California, Sgt. Obvious, The Caboozers: New Beginnings, 9-1-1, Last One Out of Beach City, Geniuses from Kindergarten, Recipe for Disaster, Is There a Ghost?, Two in Love Can Make It, Three Exclamation Points (!!!), Netizens, The Baldi's Basics Movie, Chief Officer of Candy Co., Flu Murders, Money Heist, We Could Be Cops!, Crash Commando, Have You Scene It?, Beast Boy, Bee Positive, Good Girls, The Gravity Falls Movie, The Objects, Fraternal Conjoined Twins, Aki: The Ninja Girl Who Become A Ninja Warrior, The Loud House: Uninvited, SwaySway: A Duck and His Dream, OK K.O. Let's Watch A Movie!, The Trial For Wendy, Amethyst: The Gem Behind the Slaughter, Duke Nukem, Fionna & Marshall Lee, Locked Out, PentaWorld, Partners in Crime, The Loud House Presents: Schooled!, Mamba: The Kobe Bryant Story, Plazalympics, The Play That Goes Wrong, Friends in The Dry Place, The Fifth Element, Harriet The Spy, and Xavier Riddle.

FX/SFX: Mindblowing CGI!

Music/Sounds: A re-orchestrated version of the theme based on the theme from The Top Artist of The Board, "As Time Goes By", originally used in the broadway musical, Everybody's Welcome, now played in a different key (this time in E♭ major). It has a more powerful build-up and the opening notes are now played on a piano solo, acoustic guitar, ukulele, flute and chimes, This was composed by Ludwig Göransson. In the montage intro for the 30th anniversary of Wilson Pictures uses an extended version of the "As Time Goes By" theme with the same orchestra from the logo, accompanied by a voiceover (Bill Ratner, the voiceover of many promos from Movies, TV, and video releases from Hanna-Barbera Home Video and Object Home Video) thanks audiences around the world for celebrating 30 years, he said ""As Time Goes By", Wilson Pictures, keeps Entertaining The World. We would like to thank audiences everywhere, as we proudly celebrating 30 years, of making the moments and the memories, that may dreams come true, The World Over.".

Music/Sounds Variants:

    • in Friends in The Dry Place: a nice orchestral theme just like the music from the 1995 movie "Geniuses of Kindergarten"
    • in The Fifth Element: a wind-blowing chime theme and a crystallized hum.
    • in Harriet The Spy: the logo music was rearranged by Mark Mothersbaugh and Anna Waronker as part of the main title.
    • in Mamba: The Kobe Bryant Story: crowd cheering throughout the logos
    • in Pandemic Season:
    • in P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S!:
    • in Clemmie, Tango and Bud's Adventures from The Vending Machines: throughout the Logos the music is "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest is playing
    • in Partners in Crime:
    • in Objects Most Wanted: Starts with the wind chime effect, then segues into a Boombastic fanfare (with strings, horns, and drums) and when Lightbulb appears a whimsical music plays and after she swallows it it ends with a 4 note piece, the Logos features sound effects and voices.
    • in Hypernadocane A Hugest Disaster:

Availability: Brand new. It debuted on Plazalympics, Friends in The Dry Place, Mamba: The Kobe Bryant Story, The Fifth Element, Hackers, Harriet The Spy, and Xavier Riddle as a 30th anniversary variant, and later appeared on Mamba: The Kobe Bryant Story, The Fifth Element, Harriet The Spy, P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S!, On The Air, New Beginnings: Afterlife, Bumblebee: Maverick, Clemmie, Tango and Bud's Adventures from The Vending Machines, Get Hard, Objects Most Wanted, Partners in Crime, Lynn Loud: #1 Winner of the Astonishing Quest, Gravity Falls & Steven Universe: He is Risen, Journey to The Savage Planet, Destruction All-Stars, The Strongest Team on Earth, Growing Up, Come From Away, The Play That Goes Wrong .

Editor's Note: A much more fulfilling effort from Wilson Pictures this time round, with more realistic effects, and it's a completely worthy successor to its predecessor.