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Background: Wilson Television is the television division of Wilson Pictures founded by director Jade Wilson.

Wilson/Greyonne Productions[]



Nicknames: "The First Logo"

Logo: Same as the movie logo but sped up.


FX/SFX: The flying text.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic 8-note synth tune that begins with 4 descending notes, followed by a 5th done on synth strings when the words land. Then 3 more ascending notes follow. This was all done on a Roland D-50 synthesizer with the patches "Future Pad" (for the descending and ascending notes) and "Pizzagogo" (for the 5th note).

Availability: Can be seen on the short-lived series Just Where To Go. Also appeared on the failed pilot Marquan! The Series.

Wilson Television[]

1st Logo (1995-2005)[]

Logo: same as the red stacked letters "WILSON" , zoom-in upward from the bottom of the screen, but the "PICTURES" replaced to "TELEVISION". The logo "shines".


Trivia: TBA

Music/Sounds: a short theme from the 1st logo with synth twinkles

Availability: First seen on

2nd Logo (2005-2017)[]

Logo: Same as the 2005 theatrical logo, except The yellow dot flies over the "WILSON TELEVISION" text stopping above the script text and coloring it yellow.


Music/Sounds: The first four notes of the 2005 theatrical logo's theme composed by Sam Sharp

Availability: First appeared on Security System and College Friends,

3rd Logo (2017-2022)[]

Logo: On a black background, the words "TELEVISION" wipes in next to the lines. Finally it turns into a multiple set of squares, and we then see the words "WILSON" appear next to the squares. During this, the logo is in blue tint while wiping, before turning metallic.

FX/SFX: Good animation from DEVAStudios and Chrimera Studios.

Music/Sounds: four synth chimes

Availability: Seen on .

4th Logo (2022-present)[]


Logo: Same as the 2021 theatrical logo except the "PICTURES" changed to "TELEVISION", the logo zooms in and shines.


FX/SFX: Mindblowing CGI!

Music/Sounds: The final note of the 2021 theatrical logo's fanfare composed by Ludwig Göransson.

Availability: Brand new. It debuted on

Editor's Note: A much more fulfilling effort from Wilson Pictures this time round, with more realistic effects, and it's a completely worthy successor to its predecessor.