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WM Productions[]


WindowsMyers2018 Productions Logo 1987

Nickname: "Three Cubes and One Circle"

Logo: on a red background a four squares and one cirle stay together and appears the words "WM" and "Productions".

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: None

Bloopers: none


WindowsMyers2018 Productions Logo 1994

Nickname: "Blue"

Logo: on a blue appears the three letters "W", "M" and "P"

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: An music by piano

Bloopers: here

WindowsMyers2018 Productions[]


WindowsMyers2018 Productions Logo 2009

Nicknames: "Black Window" "Dark"

Logo:in a black background, appears a line wih words "WindowsMyers2018" and "Productions"

FX/SFX: The light appears and disappears

Music/Sounds: An song, from the flute