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Background: Wonder Mandarin Productions was founded by Clemmie, Tango, Bud, Teddy and Max the Campers from Camp Halohead in 2019. In 2019, Wonder Mandarin was acquired by Wilson Pictures.

1st Logo (November 5, 2019-present)[]


Nickname: "A Little Walking Mandarin"

Logo: On a black background, we see a dark setting with blue hills, a mandarin harvest, and a road. A little mandarin character walks down the road, and the setting brightens. A box zooms out around the area with the character, and "WONDER MANDARIN PRODUCTIONS" appears above and below the picture, respectively and the byline "A DIVISION OF WILSON PICTURES" fades below.

Variant: On Amethyst: The Gem Behind the Slaughter (the first movie to use this logo), the logo is still in the TV Spots, but in the movie, the logo was fully animated.

FX/SFX: a little mandarin walking down the road, the setting brightening, the box zooming out around the area and the character, and the WONDER MANDARIN PRODUCTIONS text appearing on above and below the picture.

Music/Sounds: A nice keyboard jingle which makes the logo somber and gloomy at first. After the keyboard stops, the sky and everything else lightens up, we hear a gradual increase of the volume of the orchestrated part ending with a triumphant fanfare sounded out by trumpets and brass. the logo composed by Randy Edelman or the opening theme from the movie.

Availability: First appeared on Amethyst: The Gem Behind the Slaughter albeit as a variant, and later appeared on Clemmie, Tango and Bud's Adventures from The Vending Machines, Mamba: The Kobe Bryant Story, and Objects Most Wanted.

Editor’s Note: None.