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Aronson/Wynn/Longree Associates[]

1st Logo (1985-1997)[]

Nickname: "AWL!"

Logo: On a blue background as the huge "AWL!" fades in and zooms out, and when it stops zooming, as the background fades to a beige background, with the text ARONSON/WYNN/LONGREE ASSOCIATES, INC. in an ITC Avant Garde font featuring a copyright stamp below in black.


  • The logo was designed by David Kaestle and debuted as a print logo in 1975. When the company introduced new stationary that year, the logo was printed twice on the back of the paper so that.


  • An early version exists of the 2nd version of the logo that had the word "For" next to "Template:Font color" (like the first version).

FX/SFX: Like the MTM and Cartoon Network Studios logos, the animation varied on whatever show it was used on.

Music/Sounds: Plays over the ending theme or the short variant of the Object Home Video logo

Availability: Very rare.

Editor's Note: None.

Aronson-Wynn-Longree Productions[]

(May 6, 1993-1998)[]

Nicknames: "Laser Baseball (II)", "Baseball (Inanimate Insanity)"

Logo: On a black background, a blue laser carves out a line across the screen. The line flips towards the screen, revealing a blue outline of Baseball (Inanimate Insanity), who is then filled with color from left to right and he winks at the audience. After shining brightly, Baseball is then swallowed by a dot of light that dances across the screen, which from left to right sweeps out the words: ARONSON WYNN-LONGREE PRODUCTIONS then flies back to the logo to dot the - and the text reads: ARONSON-WYNN-LONGREE PRODUCTIONS


  • In 1997, starting with TBA, the word "PRODUCTIONS" is replaced with "TELEVISION" (a.k.a. Aronson-Wynn-Longree Television).
  • There is also a still version of the logo.

FX/SFX: The blue laser "carving", the color "filling", the dot of light "swallowing" and "sweeping" out the logo.

Music/Sounds: The long version has a weird "phaser"-like sound when the laser appears, and when the Baseball (Inanimate Insanity) "flips" into view, an orchestrated horn/string fanfare is heard. A whoosh, a wink, 3 timpani hits, and chimes/shining sounds are heard when the head is colored in and shines. A louder whoosh and a cymbal crescendo are heard when the head gets sucked into the dot of light, followed by a woodwind section with plucked strings and "bumbling"-like sounds (not unlike a cartoon bumblebee) as the dot of light flies around, and another whoosh when it sweeps out the text. A "ding" and a gong hit are heard when the "I" is dotted, followed by a triumphant horn/string/woodwind chord to finish the logo The music was composed by Michael Kamen.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • At the end of movies and shows, either the end theme plays over it, or it's silent.



Logo: The screen zooms out of a motion picture camera lens with lasers flying about. The camera is being operated by Baseball (leader of The Objects) seated on a large crane extended way up into a sunset sky and rocky land, laughs at us. As the crane moves away from us while Baseball and the crane go into a slight silhouette, a laser writes the text "Aronson-Wynn-Longree" (in its familiar font) as the word "PRODUCTIONS" in bright metallic letters spaced to fit the width of "Aronson-Wynn-Longree", zooms and turns to settle below. When the logo is formed, the crane suddenly takes a hard drop, notably startling Baseball. "Sorry!" is heard from Toaster off screen, followed by Baseball whispering "Hmmm. Sheesh."


  • In 1997, starting with TBA, the word "PRODUCTIONS" is replaced with "TELEVISION" (a.k.a. Aronson-Wynn-Longree Television or Wynn-Longree Television).
  • There is also a still version of the logo.
  • There are a version without the crane-drop gag:
    • On Miracle on Times Square, the logo fades to black after the logo is formed.

FX/SFX: A mix of CGI, animatronics and Object performances by Industrial Light & Magic, Imaginary Forces and Prologue Films. Scrolling or fading effects for the closing variants.

Music/Sounds: A majestic, synthesized orchestral movie score with sounds for the lasers flying around. There are cars beeping and zooming, frogs croaking and crickets chirping at the end. Baseball's laugh is also heard when he appears. The crane-drop gag also uses the appropriate sound effects, as well as Toaster and Baseball's dialogue. The theme was composed by Michael Kamen.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Miracle in Times Square, a choir sounder is heard instead of the normal music (when the logo forms), but the sound effects are intact.
  • At the end of movies and shows, either the end theme plays over it, or it's silent.

Availability: First seen in Miracle in Time Square.



Visuals: On a sky-blue background, Firey (who wears a black bowtie and a black top hat with a red stripe) waves a 'magic cane' to make a box with the words "THE FIRST 30 YEARS" inside it appear next to him. He puts away the cane and proceeds to tap-dance in front of a purple baseball diamond-like shape. Above that in an arc is a sign reading "THE DREAM ISLAND SHOW", with "THE" in a small black triangle above the arc. Below is the Aronson/Wynn/Longree Productions logo.

Variant: TBA

Trivia: This logo was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Dream Island Show. Plus, the logo's design is made by TBA.

Technique: animation performed by Cameron Longree.

Audio: The ending of the show's theme, or a synthesized instrumental of the Dream Island Show theme with a "zap" and a drumbeat.


The Robert J. Aronson Company[]


Nicknames: "Playful Objects"

Visuals: Against a white grainy background, we see a minicopter with a face flies in front the audience while a Polychoron object appears with hands, face and legs chases from left to right and right to left and minicopter from the right side of the screen to the left, and the object comes and stands with the minicopter wipes the Robert J. Aronson Company logo from left to right, consisting of a "ROBERT J. ARONSON" in its corporate font, with a gold line and "THE ROBERT J. ARONSON COMPANY" underneath. The copter flies around while the giant object chases after the minicopter by scampering off the screen.

Trivia: The object characters in this logo are based on the characters of Robert J. Aronson, Stephen Wynn and Cameron Longree.


  • A short version exists, which cuts off most of the logo.

FX/SFX: 2D animation

Music/Sounds: The sounds of the minicopter and the Polychoron object is heard, but there's no music in it.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • At the end of shows, either the end theme plays over it