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First Logo(2005-2009)[]

Nickname= The Tube

logo =The Tube In the logo flows through different Videos. it ends up at the "You" and then freeze. starting in November 2005, The Slogan "Broadcast Yourself" Is Featured and Starting in early 2007, the byline "A Google Company appears on bottom.

Fx= The Videos, the logo and the fading in.

music/sounds= None Or the Opening/Closeing Theme Of The Video.

Avliablity= can appear on youtube made youtube videos.

Scare Factor, None. Depends On what Video You Are Watching,


The Logo as seen here.

2nd logo(2008-2013)[]

Nicknames: Updated Tube, The Tube ll, The Fake Text The Same As The Other Logo. exsept It Is A little Darker, Youtube is spelt Diffrently and there is a Trademark symbal.

Fx= The Same

Music/Sounds= the Same

avliability: The same

Scare Factor= The Same.

3rd logo(2014-Present)[]

Nicknames: "The Videos", "Youtube 2014" , "The New Tube", "The Tube III"

Logo: On The Videos,They Are Colors Then The Youtube logo Comes And Make Every Videos Black and white. sometimes, a byline saying "A Google Company" appears on bottom.

FX: the Youtube Videos

Music/Sounds:RKO Pictures with Relativity Media musics

Availability: The Same as the last logo.

Scare Factor:Its None and This logo is AMAZING!