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Denise la menace (1993)[]

YouTube Movies (formerly SNB Network Films) is the motion picture production arm of American cable network YouTube (formerly SNB Network, joint venture of NBCUniversal, Google, and T-Mobile US (formerly Telekom)). All of their comedy/fantasy movies are distributed by Universal Pictures, as when YouTube Movies was founded, its parent company NBCUniversal through Comcast. Their first film was Spend the Night at Stupid Joe's Apartment, released in 1994..

SNB Network Films[]

1st logo (1994-1997)[]

Nickname: "Fred"

Logo: We start with the sunrises and a planet zooms in and reveals a house and inside is a room with a sleeping cat and a goldfish. Then some guy crashes in the front door carrying a box. The camera zooms to his remote, which he then presses, resulting in sound waves striking toward his speakers around him. His room turns into a movie theater to the guy and cat's surprise, but the former starts watching the film and eating popcorn and the latter just looks on disinterested. The theater then turns into a stormy sea, as the cat is pulled underwater and the guy is being thrown around, eventually being briefly pulled in. He then presses the remote, turning the sea into a rock concert where he dances to the music as the cat jumps around. The guy presses the remote again, sending the two (the cat in an astronaut suit) to outer space, where a laser-shooting spaceship floats over them. Finally, the guy switches to a blank background, where the cat glides and he suddenly fall out of the shot when the SNB Network logo appears, then the cat with a pumper on top a large cow which it moos at them, and a sack came down with a parachute and it goes off the screen.

FX/SFX: Cartoon animation by Warner Bros Animation, Richard Williams Animation Studio, Curious Pictures, Capstone Films and Wibbly Wobbly Films and designed by Allison Snowden and David Fine.

Music/Sounds: A calm, weird synth cartoon ditty plays throughout which turns into rousing orchestral music, a rock version of the ditty, which resumes near the end. Strange synth and cartoon sounds even cat's deep human voices and cow mooing from the The Learning Channel logo correspond to the animation. It begins with a quiet synth drone, bell toll, 3-note synth, and synth choir.

Availability: Only appeared in Spend the Night at Stupid Joe's Apartment and Mystery of The L.A. Noir, Wedding Bridals!, Out to Sea, and Star Kid.

Editor's Note:

2nd logo (1997-2000)[]

Nickname: "Psychedelic SNB" "SNB Though the Years"

Logo: We start with a book opening and flips every pages to reveal the first SNB Network shows and IDs back through the years and the SNB symbol appears, while the clips from Spend the Night at Stupid Joe's Apartment, Wedding Bridals!, Out to Sea all through the first golden age when three lightbulbs brokes itself, the screen turns the blue while SNB symbol appear again and the clips from Mystery of The L.A. Noir and Star Kid plays throughout and SNB symbol appear for the last time as three clips from Spend the Night at Stupid Joe's Apartment, as the man (actually Walter Cronkite) holds a treasure blows smoke, the SNB Network and the words "Movies" appears up in smoke while the dove flying through the logo,


Music/Sounds: A glorious piano/synth-driven theme with jazzy elements, sound effects corresponding to various on-screen actions, and bells at the end.

Availability: It first appeared on It was also seen on TBA, A Simple Wish, TBA, TBA, and Graduation Party: The Movie

Editor's Note: this logo reminds me of the 1993-1996 A&E Home Video logo

3rd Logo (2003-2017)[]

Nickname: "Mario Aurora"

Trailer: We see a starfield in space. Suddenly green lights appear from the left of the screen (which resemble the Northern Lights). The lights then move around and reveals a head of Mario. We slowly zoom out the see the words behind "SNB Network Films" logo which shines during the zoom out. In the background we pan through the stars which turns up into nebula.

FX/SFX: CGI animation by Pacific Data Images.

Music/Sounds: A brass piece which rises in sound and intensity. When the logo is zooming out a choir is heard. At the end a three beat sounder is heard as a jingle of SNB Network.

Availability: Common. Seen in

YouTube Movies[]

1st Logo (2017)[]


Nickname: "The Floating Cubes"

Logo: TBA


Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

2nd Logo (2017-present)[]

Nickname: "New YouTube", "Variants"

Logo: We zoom out under an red drop facing the camera, which is falling down against a white background. As the camera pans out and rotates so that the drop drop is viewed from a side perspective, the red drop falls off-screen, and shortly afterwards splashes on top of something, which the camera reveals to be the play button in the current YouTube logo. The red drop splashes on the play button upon impact, with the splash quickly forming the dot. As the camera zooms out to fully reveal the finished logo, "MOVIES" in black fades in, followed by a small TM trademark bug fading in to the right of the logo.


  • An earlier version of the logo, used in 2017, has the YouTube logo zooming out on a black background, followed by "MOVIES" in white appearing letter-by-letter as some white rays shine behind them. This version was used on the YouTube (TV channel) promo for Thonging and Full Frontaled Snogging,
  • The logo described above is the generic variant, used on The Toy Warrior, Programming By Doing, Fortnite, The Fantastical Flying Journey, The Towering Inferno, and Equestria Girls.
  • in "HobbyKids Adventures: Into The Locker-Verse", "The Haloheads Movie", and "Destruction All-Stars", On a black background, a faint black crescent sphere (representing the moon) moves to the bottom of the screen, causing a crescent Earth, the sun, and a moving starfield to appear; this part of the logo parodies the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey. As the moon moves off-screen at the bottom, the Earth starts to wiggle and "sneezes", crashing into the camera. This causes the moon to bounce back onto the screen, revealing itself to be a play button. The starfield suddenly transitions to a plain black background as the Earth becomes a spinning words "YouTube", and the sun becomes the words "Movies". The small words flies around the screen before stopping in between the play button. The YouTube text then "sneezes" again, causing the play button to briefly pop out. The YouTube text then straightens itself out to finish the logo, Animated by Inklusive Animation (HobbyKids Adventures: Into The Locker-Verse), and Illumination Mac Guff (now Illumination Studios Paris) (The Haloheads Movie).
  • in the theatrical release of "The Christmas Chronicles" (AU, instead of Netflix), A man shovels the snow off the walk to his house and his dog is watching him, sitting down on the snow. Then, a giant snowball falls onto his house and completely destroys it in a very graphic manner. The dog runs off barking in a panic and the man does a double take. The snow falls off the snowball revealing a large play button on it. The background turns black and the play button then bounces to the middle-left of the screen, and the words "YouTube" and "Movies" following, and the live-action dog appears on the bottom-right of the screen, barking at the logo once before it fades out.
  • in "Green Eggs and Ham": In a studio, we see Swirl (Sparkles and Friends)'s hand. He grabs a lever and tries to pull it, but struggles at first, even putting his foot on it at one point. Once the lever is pulled, it causes some of white electricity to start flowing through a tube while electric sparks fly. The lights turn on, illuminating the YouTube logo in several shots. The walls, ceiling and stairs drop to reveal a Hollywood-type area (with five palm trees on it) at sunrise while the YouTube blimp approaches and "movies" is drawn in a cursive-like font. The blimp takes off toward the screen right before the logo cuts out.
  • in "Sparks on The Run A Sparkles and Friends Movie": The extended version exists where the scene opens with Swirl (Sparkles and Friends) waving on-screen. The camera slowly starts zooming out, revealing squares containing footage from other YouTube produced and published/licensed shows, movies, and idents placed side by side. then, the camera zooms out quickly, revealing the same logo as Green Eggs and Ham.
  • in "Almost Time for Action": a white background shows a different colors of splats are shown, while Aki appears to getting rid of every splats to form the YouTube logo, animation by Bardel Entertainment (for character) and Nathan Love.
  • in the theatrical release of "A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting" (AU, instead of Netflix), "Encyclolesque", and "Aki A Ninja In Training: The Island of Nightmares", a variant will inspired by the 2020-present Roald Dahl logo, the letters are Y: Inflatable cushion O: A lightbulb inside of a spring cord from the special. U: headphone T: Books U: Electrical neon light B: A chocolate bar held by birds E: Electrical wire.
  • In "Matilda" (2021): On a black background, a backlight illuminates some letters. A blue-tinted spotlight then flies over and reveals the text from before with its shadows bending in response to the light as it dims. It then fades into full color and the spotlight disappears while it slowly shines.
  • In the theatrical release of "The Main Event" (AU, instead of Netflix): We begin by zooming across a long brown oblong shape. Another fades in, followed by a background, revealing they are the ropes of a wrestling ring. The background shows an audience rapidly taking photographs. The camera zooms down to the bottom one once it reaches the end of the rope and zooms past it in a similar manner. After this, the camera takes a 180 degree turn to reveal the bottom of the ring, where we see the YouTube Movies logo as a boxing bell. The YouTube icon is the bell, the "YouTube" text is the clanger, and the letters "MOVIES" is the screw keeping the clanger in place, all in their usual colors (contrasting the rest of the bell being grey). The bell rings twice and we fades out.
  • in the theatrical release of "Yes Day" (AU, instead of Netflix): We fade in with the rules poster hanging on the beige grainy background, then doodles are drawn on the background, and the logo appears along a phone playing a play button. reading things and doodles on the background like:
    • #YESDAY!!!!!
    • S.C.A.B.
    • Clans of Zozo
    • [monster drawing] I'm tired
    • [lion drawing] ROAR
    • [drawing of a roller coaster]
    • GUT BUSTER!?!?! [drawing of a massive sundae]
    • [drawing of water balloons filled with Kool-Aid]
    • Sippycup
    • Scooter [drawing of a scooter]
    • [picture of a sun with a cloud]
    • I forgot my locker combo
  • in "Haloheads from The Vendors": TBA
  • In "Sherwood", The logo floated in water and the word "Movies" fade in.

FX/SFX: CGI animation by TBA.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the movie.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • "The Christmas Chronicles": a light whistling tune that abruptly stops when the house gets destroyed by the snowball, and then changes to a tuba/whistling version of the theme followed by an accordion and a "bark" from the dog.
  • "HobbyKids Adventures: Into The Locker-Verse": A dramatic 4-note fanfare somewhat reminiscent of Also Sprach Zarathustra, the opening theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey. During the last part of the fanfare, we hear a loud sneeze voiced by Johnny Rose (the voice of HobbyPig from HobbyKids Adventures), followed by a electronic version of this theme and it ends with a last part that was echoing, composed by Guy Moon.
  • "The Haloheads Movie": Space ambience followed by a loud and a sniffling sounds and a same electronic version of this theme, composed by Guy Moon.
  • "Green Eggs and Ham": Swirl (voiced by Ben Schwartz) grunting as he pulls the lever, then electrical noises as the white liquid flows, and finally, a dramatic recreation of the last five notes of the YouTube jingle along with him singing along with the jingle, ending with a ding noise. Composed by Explosion Robinson.
  • "Flasher Dasher":
  • "Sparks on The Run A Sparkles and Friends Movie": The opening of the Sparkles film score composed by Katya Richardson and Logan Nelson, listed in the soundtrack of the first film as "Before We Start I Gotta Tell You This"
  • "Fortnite": New Conglomerate, Vanu Sovereignty Faction and Terrain Republic dialogue is used.
  • "The Main Event": The sounds of the cheering audience and pictures being taken, page turning-like sounds for the zooming of the ropes (quieter on the second rope), a swoosh for zooming to the lower rope and to the back of the ring, and the bell clanging.
  • "A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting": a mysterious theme that is similar to the music from Harry Potter movies with sounds
  • "Yes Day": the children laughing
  • "Matilda" (2021): a xylophone/pizzicato string theme
  • "Haloheads from The Vendors": the opening theme from the movie
  • "Sherwood" Water sounds and 2 beeps

Availability: Current, It first appeared on The Toy Warrior It was also seen on Flasher Dasher, The SML Movie, The Main Event, Rim Of The World (instead of Netflix), The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles Part 2 (instead of Netflix), Sparks on The Run A Sparkles and Friends Movie, Haloheads movies: "The Haloheads Movie", and "Haloheads 2: From The Vendors", the A Babysitter's Guide to Pretty Much Everything movies: "A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting" (instead of Netflix) and "A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting #2: Beasts & Geeks", Aki A Ninja In Training: The Island of Nightmares (also the first YouTube film without Universal Pictures and Universal Players' involvement; it was distributed by Hulu and Universal 1440 Entertainment instead), Yes Day (instead of Netflix), Down Under Cover, Almost Time for Action, Fortnite, Thunder Force (instead of Netflix), Super Academy, The Fantastical Flying Journey, The Kid: An Animated Adventure (instead of Netflix), Programming By Doing, The SML Movie 2: This Is Why?, Equestria Girls, among others. this logo's days are numbered.

3rd logo (2021-present)[]

Nicknames: "Rising YouTube", "The Thames "Rising Buildings"-Style Logo".

Logo: On the black background, we see the YouTube logo rising up with a reflection. After it rises up, the reflection fades away.


  • On Baby Shark's Big Movie, Baby flew in and took the YT icon.
  • Sometimes, the logo fades in white and fades to a movie.
  • On The SML Movie 3: The Monster Plant, The YouTube play button grows plants, and burst to particles.
  • On Language Manners, The YouTube wordmark is missing, then a Spanish person walks to the left, saying "¿Dónde está la marca denominativa de YouTube?". Then, a Russian person walks to the right, saying "Ты это сказал?! Повтори!". Then, the Spanish person said the same thing. Then, they get into a fight by throwing plastic bombs. The last 2 bombs explode as the logo flies away (including the Spanish person and the Russian person, jumping). It then cut to the YouTube Movies studio, where the UK person peeks in (while the Spanish person and the Russian person fight and throw stuff, talking), saying "We are very sorry from what you saw, those are just, fighting over the logo. What she said first was, 'Dónde está la marca denominativa de YouTube?'. "Anyways, we will had to end it so we don't waste your time on the movie. Thank you!". The UK person then shuts the camera off.

FX/SFX: Simple animation done in-house. Live-action for the Language Manners variant.

Music/Sounds: Same as above.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Later on, it has a majestic fanfare.
  • On The SML Movie 3: The Monster Plant, the explosion is heard when it burst to particles.
  • On Language Manners, the fanfare slows down, and stops. Whooshing noises are heard when they throw bombs, and a explosion when the bombs explode. Some fire noises and the corresponding sounds are heard afterwards. A camera shutting off sound is heard when the person shuts the camera off.

Availability: Brand new, and is seen on many movies (like Baby Shark's Big Movie, The SML Movie 3: The Monster Plant, and Language Manners).It was first seen on Weirdmageddon.

Editor's Note: This is sometimes a well-known logo. The Language Manners variant is amusing and a favourite of many due to its funny subject matter.