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Logo descriptions by Mariofan88, Nathan B./PaPaLuigi/NathanandtheGang, and Hoa Editions by ComedyCentralLover2

Background: YouTube Poop Films is responsible for making films for YouTube Poop theaters. They are mainly known for their smash hit "The King Goes to Morshu Hell". On January 26, 2009, CBS annouced that they will buy out all of YouTube Poop's assets and divisions. The deal was completed on June 19, 2009, and YouTube Poop Home Entertainment was renamed "CBS Paramount Youtube Poop Home Entertainment". Today, YouTube Poop Films still makes succesful poops and etc. with DinosaurGuy International Media Services, (however in 2023, Entertainment Frontier's comedic division, Funny Frontier, took over). All of the companies' titles are distributed on DVD, Blu-ray, and Solaray (only for Funny Frontier), edited for these releases. In 2012, Hatena Productions announced that they will buy all of YouTube Poop's divisions. The deal was completed on May 10.

1st Logo (1995-2010)

Logo: We see Dr. Eggman (AOSTH style) on a black background saying "Pingas!" and he kicks the YouTube logo and says "SHUT UP!". Then it goes right next to the word "POOP" and Mario (From Hotel Mario) says "YouTube Poop! When there's smoke, they pinch back!". The word "FILMS" comes out from nowhere and hits Mario in the face, Mario says "CURSE YOU!", (like the original "HEY YOU, GET OFF MY CLOUD!") passes out, does the WTH/WTF Boom, and then the opening titles go on.

Variant: Sometimes "PRESENTS" fades in below the logo.

FX/SFX: All of it.

Music/Sounds: The dialogue and the WTH/WTF Boom sound.

Availabilty: Seen on YouTube Poop Films. Link's New Car used to have this, but the MGM logo took over it.

Scare Factor: Medium, it depends on what you think of the WTH/WTF Boom.

2nd logo (2010-2019)

Nickname: "YTP Films of Doom"

Logo: Clouds float away, the YouTube Poop Films logo would melt, and we hear the infamous "WTH/WTF BOOM", and after that, the words would say, in poop, "PRESENTS..."

FX/SFX: The clouds floating away, the logo melting, the "PRESENTS.." appearing as a blob of poop.

Cheesy factor: This logo looks like it was done on Macromedia Flash 8.

Music/Sounds: A heavenly chorus, then a farting sound, then the "WTH/WTF BOOM" sound, then a banjo solo.

Availability: Currently seen on YouTube Poop films from 2010 to the present.

Scare Factor: Same as the last logo, it depends on what you think of the WTF Boom noise.

3rd Logo: (2019-2020) TBA

4th Logo: (2020-) MORE TBA!