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Background: YouTube Poop Television was the television production company of YouTube Poop, founded in 2006. In 2008, YouTube Poop Television is in operation with other television distributions, until a year later when Force Productions and Wilson Pictures joins YTP to YouTube Poop Television Distribution, a television distribution venture to YouTube Poop Television which distributes YTPs, TV shows and TV movies. Now, it is currently owned by YouTube, a Google company.

1st Logo


Nickname: “Mario, Luigi, Link, Sponge Bob, M o r s h u, G a n n o n”

Logo: Set in Mushroom Kingdom, we see Mario and Luigi (from Hotel Mario) walking. Luigi says “I hope he gives me lots of spaghetti!”. Next, Link saying “Oh boy!” and Sponge Bob came, saying “We gotta get a bomb to blow up G a n n o n!” and they walked to M o r s h u’s. The scene cuts to M o r s h u and everyone in the place, Mario said “Excuse me M o r s h u, but do you sell bombs?”, M o r s h u says “Yes we do. You give 5 rubies”, and they paid him 5 rubies until he got bombs to them. He then says “Thank you, everyone!”. Next, another scene cuts to G a n n o n in his lair, saying “YOU MUST DIE!!!”. But everyone came, Link threw a bomb on G a n n o n and a great big explosion came along with his voice saying “NO! IT BURNS!!!”, and the explosion fades away to a 20th Century Fox sky. Then, everyone were survived. Link says “Great!”, Sponge Bob laughs and Mario says “Uh huh. I guess that we made it!” and everyone cheer. Then, Luigi grabs the 2007 YouTube Poop logo with “TELEVISION”, and everyone leaves.

Variant: For the short variant, we only see the finished result in a freeze-frame. The logo fades in and out.

FX/SFX: Mario and Luigi, Link, Sponge Bob, M o r s h u, G a n n o n, pretty good 2D animation followed with some character speech, scene cuts and special effects...

Cheesy Factor: ...which don’t age that well, but at least a lot of early YTPs use Windows Movie Maker.

Music/Sounds: Some voices, sound effects and music which follows by the 1965 20th Century Fox Television fanfare. The short variant, however, excludes everything except the TCFTV fanfare.

Availability: That must be seen on The YouTube Poop Channel runs of YTPs, and TV shows/movies made for YouTube Poop such as The Hotel Mario Show, Link and The Faces of Evil: The Animated Series, S p i n g e b i l l Square Bob, Dr. R o b o t n i k and His P I N G A S!, The YouTube Poop Heroes, etc.

Scare Factor: None to low. The fanfare at the end and short variant may get to some, but it’s a well-liked logo.

2nd Logo

(2010-2013, 2014)


3rd Logo



4th Logo