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Background: This is the vanity card for Hey Tax Man Max!.

(October 7, 1996-June 8, 2004)

Nicknames: "The Debbie Does Dallas Logo", "You-SSSSUUUUUUUCK"."Creepy Chorus of Doom"

Logo: On a brown background, we see a still of Debbie from Debbie Does Dallas. Under it are the words "YOU SUCK INC.", made out of brown logs.

Early Variant: In this logo's early days, the text "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" (also made out of brown logs) was above the logo.

Newer Variant: On the last season, it became "You Stink, Inc." for unknown reasons. On Robot Party,the logo seem rather realistic and more zoomed in a bit and the logo is grainy (this was probably intentional).

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: None for the version with the closing theme of Hey Tax Man Max! over it. The one with the vocal line is a different story. But, this is that being that it has nothing to do with the name of the company! What does Debbie, a character from the pornographic film Debbie Does Dallas, have to do with a company called "YOU SUCK INC."?

Music/Sounds: Usually, the end theme of Hey Tax Man Max! However, Dr. Robotnik's use of re-typed, split screen credits cut off the end theme, so on TV airings, the logo used a creepy chorus singing "You-SSSSUUUUUUUCK" or "You-SSSSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!" for music, followed by a high-pitched, happy banjo jingle composed, written, and played by Jhas Blujk  which played over the following Dr. Robotnik logo. The Robot Party variant also uses the end theme.

Availability: The original version survives on the recently released Hey Tax Man Max! DVD sets, exclusively available at The variation with the chorus is rarely seen nowadays and only appears on rare occasions on Hey Tax Man Max! on The 90s Are All That on Teen Robotnik. Also seen on the Allemn Channel pilot Robot Party.

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:

None with the closing theme of Hey Tax Man Max!

Medium to high for the voices singing "You-SSSSUUUUUUUCK!" and banjo playing on the split-screen variant (for those who aren't used to seeing it).

None to low with the Robot Party variant since if you would expect the logo to be normal and you wind up with this and the picture again,seems more creepy than usual.