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KnucklesTheEchidna64: Amy Rose the Hedgehog: The Movie (2005): The logo is pink.

Sonic Team Logo

RauciousMan Sonic the Werehog: The Movie (November 21, 2008): The logo is put on a nighttime background and is black. Sonic (Werehog) is in the place of the Sonic face, and the logo pans left for Sonic to be set next to Chip.

lukesams Sonic Underground: The Movie (October 2013): The current logo plays, but the words "SONIC TEAM" are pink and the background is green with stars. When it forms, it pans downwards to a hard-to-tell planet named Mobius.

Adventure_Time Robotnik Fails a Math Test (2008): The logo is exactly animated like the YTP, but then Robotnik comes up with a diploma and says "YOU NEED A DEMOTION WHILE I HAVE A P-R-R-R-R-R-ROMOTION!". During Robotnik's line, the word "PROMOTION" in big letters come up and after the line, Robotnik slides the letters and says "SNOOPING AS USUAL I SEE!". After this, the custom Sega logo for this film appears. In the trailers, the logo is on Robotnik's diploma. In the commercials, the logo is taken away by Scratch and Grounder, in which they say "YOU MUST DIE!".

Sonic Adventure Yong Yong Edition 7 (1999): Instead of waves in the current logo, it is a shade of green, red, and blue, like the intro of the pirated game.

PAV123 Sonic Adventure: Chaos Complex (unreleased): On a black background, with a visible spotlight on a floor showing a hammer, not unlike Amy Rose's hammer, we see Amy wander onto the screen aimlessly before stopping when she sees her hammer. She picks it up and does a few poses with it. She slams the floor with it and is flung up into space, hitting the moon. The moon breaks and forms the Sonic icon in Sonic Team's logo. The icon zooms back and shifts to the left as the company text fades in next to it. The background turns black.