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f Films: FJK2344 Yappo, Sandi, and Dallas Go to Tokyo (2008): The logo is tinted brown.

WarZone (2006): The logo is B&W and looks like an old movie.

____________________ Big Idea: Viacom Casper and the Spooky TV (2012): The current logo plays, but when the logo forms, Casper flies in and says "It's a strike!" before flying out. Adventure_Time Back in Time (2009): The logo is in reverse. Snowflakes Omega Another VeggieTales Movie (2016): The end of the logo plays.

SuperChickpeabros Mutts: I Want To Be The Kitty! (2003): Bob and Larry are replaced by Mooch and Shtinky Puddin'. ____________________ KoMut: ViacomLandsphere (2005): The 1998-2003 KoMut Logo plays, but instead of the star, Mr. Bounce appears and dots the "I".____________________ Flea Market: heart1994: Snooper and Blabber: The Movie (1997, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Blabber is in place of the bug.

Kai-lan's Secret Treasure (2009, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Kai-lan is in place of the bug.

CheesyBob42 Arthur's Missing Pal (2006, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Pal is in place of the bug and barks. Doctor Who: The Movie (2009, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but K-9 is in place of the bug.

domnickjr Dom's 1st Movie (2000, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Dom is in place of the bug. Super Smash Bros. (2010, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Ness is in place of the bug.

Adventure_Time: YouTube Poop Adventure! (2008, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan version): The logo plays but then it gets blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

Raw Dough: The Movie (1995): Same as the Raw Dough variant but this time with the "ABC" text below the ABC logo.

Raw Dough: Another Movie (2001): The 2001 ABC logo is made with dough and instead of "The National Broadcaster", it just says "ABC"

Raw Dough Meets Sandwiches (2003): The 2002 logo plays, but it's superimposed in a video of Dotty (one of the movie's characters) making a cheese sandwich. Instead of the normal music, we hear Dotty humming to the ABC's 3-note jingle. Also, there is a yellow light casting on the ABC logo.

Raw Dough's Adventure (Early 2004): The last movie from the Raw Dough series. This features the leaf version of the 2002 ABC logo, but when the logo fades out, the ABC logo is intact. Plus, the ABC logo is made with dough (just like the Raw Dough: Another Movie variant).

The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002, Australian version): The 1996-2000 logo plays, but we see a video of Mojo Jojo drawing the ABC logo with his feet. The music is the Powerpuff Girls theme seguing into a majestic version of the three-note ABC jingle.

Brother Bear 2 (2006, Australian version): The 1996-2000 logo plays. The opening scene of this film plays until Kenai draws the ABC logo. The scene then fades out and "abc" flies in one-by-one next to the logo. The music is "Welcome to This Day" by Melissa Etheridge seguing into an urban version of the three-note ABC jingle.

__________________________________________ Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids: Adventure_Time: Finn's Adventure (2011): Normal logo, but then Finn and Jake flip over the screen to the ABC (Australia) logo. CNVHVFHVHHVABCK Chaos! Cartoon Network Vs Hatena Vs Flipnote Hatena Vs Hatena Haiku Vs Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids Chaos! (2010): Chaos Emeralds appear around and later they make a vs match. ____________________ Vestron Pictures: CheesyBob42 SpongeBob, Sonic and Brother Bear Go Camping (2010): The Vestron Pictures logo plays with its usual music, and then Squidward walks in and states "That's not relaxing; this is relaxing," then Squidward plays the 1965 Screen Gems jingle on his clarinet. Next, we zoom out to SpongeBob and Patrick scared. SpongeBob says "OH NO!", we zoom back to the Vestron Pictures logo still, and SpongeBob reaches for the Vestron ball with "V". Then we see SpongeBob with a slingshot, shouting in fear "I'll save you, Squidward!", so he launches the Vestron ball right at the back of Squidward's head, and the logo splatters all over the back of his head. When this occurs, the 1965 Screen Gems jingle is almost done, but when the ball splats, we hear a record scratch. Squidward is knocked out and SpongeBob asks "Are you alright, Squidward?", then Brother Bear of the Berenstain Bears crumples up the scene and states "This is supposed to be a camping movie, not a jungle-like movie, let's get this movie started-", then Sonic the Hedgehog speeds by, pulling the black title card to the left and causing Brother to be pushed away, screaming "Wait! I'm not done yet! I already told you, this is supposed to be a camping movie, not a.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the title card Sonic pulled by reads "WARNER BROS. PICTURES PRESENTS IN ASSOCIATION WITH VESTRON PICTURES", cue the opening credits. On some foreign countries, the logo plays 3x speed with a farting version of the 1965 Screen Gems jingle. Tails2112 2112: A Galaxy of the Constellation (1996): Geddy Lee (from Rush) plays a synthesizer tune to this jingle and when it ends, the credits start to roll. ____________________ Buena Vista Television: Mariofan88Super Mario Galaxy: The Series (2008-): Mario is the middle comet in the logo. domnickjr Dom Show: The Abridged Series (2009-present, Non-US version): Normal logo, but Dom appears riding on the comet.

samehbatarseh Meet the Turners (1988-1997, TV): On the 1990 episode "You Guys are Wrong!", there is a special version of the 1985-2006 Buena Vista International Television "Rainbow Castle" logo. On a green gradient background, we find Timmy Turner pushing a modified version of the 1985-2006 Walt Disney Pictures castle, but rainbow-colorized, he then stops at the center, and he writes the words "Distributed by Buena Vista International, Inc." in a Times New Roman font, then draws the cursive line. It then sparkles. ___________________ Sun Classic Pictures: heart1994 Uh... (1970): At the beginning of the logo, the eclipse has drool instead of flames. CheesyBob42 Sonic and the Secret Rings: The Movie (2008): "Shick Sunn" version plays, but at the end of the logo, the sun rotates and speeds to offscreen right. ____________________ Orion Pictures:' CheesyBob42 The Berenstain Bears Movie (2010): 1981 logo plays, but ORION is written in the Berenstain Bears font, and the music is replaced with a portion of the Berenstain Bears theme song from 1985. Calvin & Hobbes: Weirdos from Another Planet: The Movie (Christmas 1990): The 1981 Orion logo plays, but when "ORION" wipes in first, it is in the Calvin and Hobbes font, but it turns into the usual font when the line draws through the text. The Orion Home Video logo does not extend into this on the original VHS release in 1991. On the original theatrical trailer, a portion of the logo plays, but Calvin and Hobbes (in the wagon on the way to Mars) fly from the lower-left of the screen towards the logo, and the 2nd "O" in the logo flies off when they hit the logo and pass through it.

MrTails1997 UHF (1989): The logo plays as normal but the song "UHF" by "Weird Al" Yankovic plays and the credits start to roll. Adventure_Time: LOL: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (2001): The 1990's logo plays, but SUPER GIANT letters fall with a parachute over their heads.

samehbatarseh Timmy Turner Goes to Mars (1982): The 1981 logo plays as normal, but once it's fully formed, Timmy Turner in his astro suit riding a wagon flies over the it as well. '____________________'American National Enterprises: This section has no content. ____________________ New World Pictures: Viacom Windows 7 is Windows Vista (2009): The 1984 New World Pictures logo plays, but when the logo forms, an announcer says "Is Microsoft Windows 7 released?" _____________ Filmways Pictures/Television: JHprod: The Mr. Men Movie (2009): The 80s Filmways Pictures logo plays, then Mr. Happy appears at the end. domnickjr Dom's Secret Movie (2001): The 80s Filmways Pictures logo plays, then Dom appears at the end. Adventure_Time: oFTo (2002): The 80s Filmways Pictures logo plays, then YouTube Poop characters appear at the end.

___________________ Savoy Pictures: heart1994: The Snails (1994): The buffaloes are replaced with snails. At the end, an announcer shouts "OH MAH GOD!" CartoonNetworkTwo Looney Tunes Poop: Invasion of the Poop Snatchers (2008): The buffaloes are replaced with carrots flying like a UFO. Adventure_Time: The Chocolate Gizmo (2013): A still version of the logo is used. __________________________ Peewee Pictures: 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse: The Movie (2015): The word "Pee-Wee Pictures" zooms from the left of the screen. The dash from Pee-Wee Pictures is missing. Pee-Wee is upside down, and puts the dash between "Pee" and "Wee". __________ Si TV Viacom Castle Knights (2013): Logo plays, but it is written in a messy roman font and is spelled "Sih te TE HVEH . chor ntm" Adventure_Time: Sonic's BIG Movie (2009): The logo takes place in Green Hill Zone. _________________________ Omation Animation Studio/O Entertainment JHprod: ToonTown: The Movie (2010): The O kid is an O dog, and the text "mation" is in a ToonTown font.

Adventure_Time Finn and Jake's Terror (2010): The O is the outline of Lumpy Space Princess. ________ Capcom: heart1994 The Tourettes Guy Video Game (2009): Instead of its jingle, the Tourettes Guy yells "*beep*!" (This was heard on Rude Awakening).

________________ Aspen Film Society: CheesyBob42SpongeBob, Sonic and Brother Bear Go Camping (2010): The logo plays, but the lake in the circle is replaced with the hill in Londonderry, Nova Scotia. There is also a tent and an outhouse in the foreground. In the background, a city skyline at night has been added. Sonic the Hedgehog (in his original spherical appearance) leaves the tent to brush his teeth before we fade out. Then we fade to the Distributed by Warner Bros. 1984 shield with a "Time Warner" byline; on television it flips to the Pay TV and Cable WB version instead. &ampnbsp ___________________________ Jim Henson Productions Mariofan88 A Sonic Christmas Carol (2008): Same logo, but the laser draws Sonic the Hedgehog instead.

lukesams The Ugly Duckling (2010): Same logo, but the laser draws a duck instead.

heart1994 Yogi's Treasure Island (2009): Same logo, but the laser draws Yogi Bear's head instead.

WileE2005 The Muppets Meet the Simpsons (2014): Same logo, but the laser draws Ralph Wiggum's head instead, and the dot of light sings "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg!" instead of the usual bumbling sounds. . CheesyBob42 Pingu The Movie (2006): Same logo, but the laser draws Pinga's head instead, and the dot of light speaks 3 words in Penguin language meaning "Good night, everyone!" instead of the usual bumbling sounds.

Tails2112 The Tails Movie (1997): Same logo, but the laser draws Tails' head instead.

domnickjr 'Dom's 3-D Movie (2010'): Same logo, but the laser draws Dom's head instead.

mkrgolf The Wonder Pets Movie (2009): Same logo, but the laser draws Linny's head instead.

Adventure_Time Mario's Final Jump (1982): The ha! logo plays but Mario jumps on the logo at the end.


Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (2012): Sonic bolts past the Jim Henson logo, then comes back and then stands on the Jim Henson logo, and a metallic black background drops.

lukesams The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984, 30th Anniversary Edition from 2014): Same logo, but there are colorful lights.

samehbatarseh Timmy Turner's Double Nightmare!!!! (1993): Same logo, but the laser draws Cosmo and Wanda's heads instead, and the light of the dot says "RIGHT TO BED, TWERP!!!" instead of the usual bumbling sound

The Two Masketeers (2007) The laser draws the ViD mask instead of Kermit’s head.

___________________________ Pixar Animation Studios: CheesyBob42

lukesams A Rainbow of Six Colors (2010): The logo plays as usual, but the company's name is multicolored. Medival Kings (2013): The logo plays as usual, but Luxo Jr. wears a crown and when the "ANIMATION STUDIOS" text fades in, an R-shaped trebuchet comes in and throws a boulder to knock down the "R" in "PIXAR". Then, the trebuchet moves to the right of "PIXA" to take the place of the "R". Luxo Jr. is not amused.

JoshuaBates Luxo Jr. vs The World (2013):The logo plays as usual but this time Luxo Jr. is a human. and he uses a mallet to destroy the "I" and it turns into 5 light bulbs. And Luxo Jr. stands and says "Hope this guy is blown to bits." _______________________________ The Video Collection/Strand VCI Entertainment/Strand Home Video: CheesyBob42 Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (1979, VHS release from 1990): The logo plays, but two living Christmas trees appear dancing from left to right, then Papa Bear chases the trees with a net. ________________________________________________________________ Island Video: This section has no content. _______________ Pathe: CheesyBob42 Babar to the Rescue (2006): The rooster shadow is replaced with a shadow of Babar. Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (1979, theatrical release December 4, 2009): The logo plays, but when the rooster shadow is seen, the shadow of Papa Bear appears running from the left, causing the rooster shadow to spin really fast. Then, the shadows of the animals that lived in the trees Papa attempted to chop down are seen chasing Papa Bear, as they are very angry at him. domnickjr Dom's Secret Movie (2001): The rooster shadow is replaced with a shadow of White the Dog. _______________________ NBC (National Broadcasting Company): CheesyBob42 The Zula Patrol vs. 3-2-1 Penguins! (2008): The 2002 NBC logo plays, but the word "PRESENTS" is under the logo, and NBC is replaced with 321.

____________________________ Kids' WB! Movies: CartoonNetworkTwo Kids' WB! The Movie (May 17, 2008): We see the 1999-2001 Kids' WB! Movies logo, but the words "THE MOVIE" fade in below after the byline fades out.

CheesyBob42 Dragon Tales: The Movie (2001): The 1999-2001 logo plays, but we hear a "BOING!" sound when Kids' WB! bounces onto the screen.

Adventure_Time Calvin and Hobbes' Studio Tour (1999): The 1999-2001 logo plays, but we hear an explosion.

lukesams Cookies! (September 1, 2000): The 1999-2001 logo plays, buth the Kids' WB! logo swings in from the left instead of bouncing onto the screen and it is rotated a bit. Also, the byline is in the Calibri font.

Kirby's Secret Movie (2000): The logo is still and is on the 1984 Warner Bros. Pictures logo's background.

&ampnbsp ____ THX: PaPaLuigi My Pet Bowser Crapped on My Wii (2009): The 2007 logo plays, but Pingu swallows up the THX logo, then spits out "Wii Rules!". The background transitions to a Wii console system, a Wii game DVD and a Wii remote on a white background, with Bowser's poop on it. Tails1999 Idle Punks (2009): Logo plays normally but the record needle scratches and Dexter Holland goes "Now Hold on a minute, What the hell is with this logo, dude?" Noodles comes in there and says "I Don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's scary" Then Maynard comes in there and pulls the plug on the logo and Dexter goes "Could you cue the titles, please?" and the credits start to roll. logomaneuver Tux Takes Over (2013): The THX Deep Note plays, but Tux cuts the THX logo in half with a machete. '__________________________________'______ Ontario Educational Communications Authority: PaPaLuigi Tiny Toon Adventures (1990): Variant 2 of the 1970s-1981 logo plays, but when the logo forms, Mario comes up with Yoshi. Then, Yoshi eats the word "ONTARIO" and finally spits "MONTANA MAX" out in the word's place before leaving. Adventure_Time Random and Funny Adventures (2003-2004, TV): The 1970s-1981 logo plays, but it says "XD" instead. ________________________________________ Renaissance Pictures: WileE2005 Mysterious Theater: The Series (1994): The painting of the Mona Lisa-esque man is replaced with a close-up of the woman from the show's title card, and a wolf howl is heard during the zoom out, then after the picture rips apart and the lightning occurs, the "Renaissance Pictures" text is in red and then zooms up to the camera instead of fading out. The Berenstain Bears and the Atomic Holocaust (2011): The end of the credits theme (Same as the 1985-1987 series' credits theme) plays under the logo instead of the regular music/sound effects, and the thunderclap from the 1985 Southern Star/H-B Australia logo plays when the lightning flashes as the portrait rips apart. In Europe, there is no thunderclap.

___________ YTV (Canada):

CheesyBob42 The Zula Patrol vs. 3-2-1 Penguins! (2008): The 1994 YTV logo plays, but the word "YTV" is replaced by "ZULA!" and the byline reads "A SHAW COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY" instead of "A CORUS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY". Also, it lacks the Corus logo in this variation.

____________________________ Legendary Pictures: CheesyBob42 Hamtaro: The Movie (2009): On the teaser trailer, the logo glows a ghastly white, meanwhile on the theatrical trailer, the words "LEGENDARY PICTURES" are in Curlz MT. Ryanasaurus0077 Angel Beats! (2011): The 2006 logo plays like normal, but in a dark blue monochrome.

____________________________ Nickelodeon:

RS Chronicles: The Movie (2024): The logo from 2022 is animated in flipbook animation.

Aardman Features: Wallace and Gromit 2 (2010): The 2005 logo plays, but the kid is replaced with Gromit, wearing the same clothes. Flushed Away 2 (2011): The 2006 logo plays, but we hear Roddy saying "Aardman Features!".

____________________________ The Rank Organisation Lazlow The King's Guard (1957): The film is in CinemaScope 55 format and the logo reflects this. It plays normally, but at the end, the name of the company is near the top of the gong, and not in the center. Below that the CinemaScope 55 logo appears. &ampnbsp ________________________ Satin City Adventure_Time Satan: The Movie (2007): "Satin" is changed into "Satan" and the logo is inverted (with G Major music).

Google: Adventure_Time: The Chuck Norris Movie (2009): There's text reading "Google won't search for Chuck Norris.".

PopCap Games:[]


  • Oishi Green Tea Run Videogame (2014): The logo plays, but the logo plays in reverse.
  • New Maze (2007): The logo fades into maze title screen.
  • A Trip to Paris: The Videogame (2010): The logo was finished, then HoYeah appears and destroys the PopCap logo.


  • KKBox The Videgoame (2005): The byline says: "A VIACOM COMPANY".
  • KKBox The Videogame 2 (2012): Same as KKBox The Videogame, but the byline says: "A NICKELODEON COMPANY" instead of "A VIACOM COMPANY".


  • Subway Surfers: The Movie Videogame (2000): The logo fades into Subway Surfers game title screen.
  • Subway Surfers and the Wolf Comes Back (2014): The logo was in TV technical difficulties.

Rare Ltd.[]


  • Kinect Sports Season Four (2018): Same as Kinect Sports, but the logo byline appears than A Viacom Company.

Nintendo Fims[]

The Adventures of Aidan: The 1999 logo appears, but then Aidan and Olivia can be heard screaming and hit the logo and get dizzy.