Yogi's Treasure Island (2009): The boy is replaced with Muttley.


The Offspring Movie (2001): The boy is replaced with Noodles, who says "Ah, this is the living".


Babar 3 (2011): Pom (one of Babar's children) is seen in the boy's place.


Pingu: The Movie (2006): The boy is replaced with Pingu's father, who speaks a penguinish language in 5 words meaning "Is the fish biting yet?"


The Tails Movie (1997): The boy is replaced with Tails, who says "Enjoy, guys!"


Rupert the Movie (1997): The boy is replaced with Rupert.


Dom's 1st Movie (2000): The boy is replaced with Dom.


Monsters vs. Aliens: The Return of the Aliens (2010, DWA; Direct-to-DVD): After the logo is done, we fastly pan down thunder clouds.


Invisible Man (2006):There is no boy on the DreamWorks logo.


Death Game (2012):The logo is in black and white and animates in reverse, with sounds heard from the Transformers films accompanying it. Also, the full moon flashes when we fade out at the end.


Cartoon Craze (2014):A still picture of the Cat in the Hat variant is used, but it is hand-drawn. Also, the logo is not centered right.

Fright Night 2 (2013):The logo is blood red and the sky is replaced with a dark grey thunderstorm background, with the clouds intact.

Creatagirl! (2012):The logo is in black and white and finishes in metallic on a midnight blue sky. Also, there are Transformerdots flying around, and the music is the opening theme of the 2011 movie, Green Lantern. On all trailers and TV spots, we start off with a very tiny metal dot flying to the center of a black background, and then the dot unfolds and seperates, forming the Dreamworks Pictures print logo in metallic. The camera then zooms through it, proceeding into the Kerner Entertainment Company and Marvel Studios logos with the same variant.

The Shape Bandit's Inside Story (June 15, 2012):The current logo plays, but the Shape Bandit (from Team Umizoomi) replaces the kid. Suddenly, he opens a red bag and uses a purple tornado to steal all of the text in the logo.

Escape from China (January 20, 2012):The current logo is used, but the text is in the Coca-Cola logo font. Also, the boy is replaced with a Chinese symbol and the logo animates in reverse.


Sonic Unleashed: The Movie (June 22, 2012, DWA): On the 2D version, in the first half of the logo it is normal, but the second half has the clouds turning blue and the logo accelerating in speed. At the end, the logo turns into the red floor of Eggman's ship. On the 3D version, it's same as the 2D version, except the text slowly zooms at the end as well as the logo turning into the red floor of Eggman's ship. This is the style of the intro to the video game.

Vincent's 1st Movie (November 23, 2011): On the TV spots, it's exactly like on the Real Steel (2011) TV spots, except the logo is sped up after the Touchstone Pictures logo, but before the Spyglass Entertainment, Film Roman, and Hatchery logos. In the trailers, the Touchstone and Dreamworks logos are tined in red. In the film, "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars plays throughout the logos and opening credits.

World of Vincent: Vin-o-Ween (October 28, 2011, TV [1st rerun on October 31, 2011]): The logos for the opening sequence of the show aren't shown. Also, In the Blink of an Eye by Distortion MX, from the teaser trailer for the 2011 film Final Destination 5 plays.


Legend of the Lumpy Space Princess (2012): The boy is replaced with Finn and Jake.

A DreamWorks Takeover (2011):The logo is static shocked, tinted orange, and glitches.

Mario's GAYME Gallery (2008):Mario replaces the O in DreamWorks like the first Shrek movie and then a Yoshi and a Koopa appear on the moon, complete with Mario saying "Do you want to play as a Yoshi, or as a Koopa?".


Yoshi in Peril (2002): The boy is replaced with Yoshi.


Ncarw's Counterattack (2009, DWA): The boy is replaced with a golden retriever.


Space Shooter (2010): When the logo is finished, we zoom up into space very fast!


PurpleMetaKnight's World (2009, New Intro, DreamWorks Television): The text zooms out too further than usual when the theme plays. Also it is daytime and "PICTURES" Replaces "SKG". The clouds are in different shapes (Little Guy's Head, Regular, WB Shield, Sony Wonder Logo and the Fishing Boy on the Moon).

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic The Movie (2009): The boy is replaced with Princess Luna. She is lying down fishing on the moon. Seen only on the trailer.
DreamWorks Pictures logo with Princes Luna


B2 ('2017):The 2010 DreamWorks Animation logo plays but the background is sky blue and the moon and letters are yellow.but when the boy swings his rod, Barry B. Benson comes by and deconcentrates him. The boy ends up falling off the moon, then Barry sits at the boy's place and says "Beelicious!". It then fades out.


David (2009): The boy is replace by David himself, the logo is in the film's art style, and at the end we zoom below the clouds into the opening scene.

David 2 (2018): On the 2D version, the boy is replaced by David, the logo is one again in the film's style,and it is daytime rather than night. On the 3D version, it is the same as the 2D version, but the text zooms in rather than zooming out.

The Idiot Movie (2017): The logo is cartoonish, and Idiot replaces the boy.

Teenaged (2007): The DreamWorks Animation logo plays normally, but at the end it pans down to start the movie.


Teenaged 2: Second Semester (2012):The 2010 DWA logo plays normally, but the boy is replaced by Kyle (the films main character) who gains conscious when the moon forms and goes on a rant about the logo, ending it off with "And who the heck is this SKG anyways?!" And much like in the fist movie, it pans down into the opening scene.

Teenaged 3: Graduation (2020): The 2019 DWA logo plays, but the theme is in a rock style and, like the previous films, pans down into the opening scene.


The Child (2017): The Boss Baby variant of the DreamWorks Animation logo plays, but all the shapes on the baby mobile, except for the moons and fishing boys, are replaced by knives, axes, other deadly weapons, and a girl's severed head. The mobile is pink with the text "DreamWorks SKG" and the background ias dusty grey and a scary thunderstorm is happening in the sky. The music in this logo is a music-box rendition of Chopin's "Funeral March" as heard on a trailer forAlice through the Looking Glass.


The Nighttime Key (2009): The Boy Is Replaced By A Blue Key.

The New Gold Key (2009): The Boy Is Replaced By A Gold Key.

The Fire Key (2009): The Boy Is Replaced By A Red Key.

Hello With The Nature Key (2009): The Boy Is Replaced By A Green Key.

Robloxfan999 // Five Arts Productions

OOF! The Meme (9999): The logo plays as normal, but the logo explodes at the end.

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