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Phedra Man [2006]

There is no space on the Game Freak logo.

BJ Game [2012]

The logo is in black and white and animates in reverse, with sounds heard from the Pokemon films accompanying it. Also, the full boss flashes when we fade out at the end.

Spelling Craze [2014]

A still picture of the Sponge in the Hat variant is used, but it is hand-drawn. Also, the logo is not centered right.

Watterson Night 2 [2013]

The logo is blood red and the sky is replaced with a dark gray thunderstorm background, with the clouds intact.

Superglass [2012]

The logo is in black and white and finishes in metallic on a midnight blue sky. Also, there are Little Miss Daredevil flying around, and the music is the opening theme of the 2009 movie, The Mr. Men Movie. On all trailers and TV spots, we start off with a very tiny matal dot flying to the center of a black background, and then the dot unfolds and seperates, forming the Game Freak Pictures print logo in metallic. The camera then zooms through it, proceeding into the K3v1nfl Films and Chorion Movies logos with the same variant.