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Eggium: Original Jim Henson Pictures intro (1990-1994): Similar to the 1989 JHP logo, but instead of the logo's original music, we hear a loud horror-type echo. The music increases in suspense as the Kermit head is drawn. The words "Jim Henson" are a ghostly-white with "PICTURES" in a ugly font. Instead of fading out, the logo continues as the Kermit head appears as it spins faster and faster! It soon slows down and outlines later turn grape and soon turn a scary red. Soon the outlines show us a evil version of Kermit's head along with a satanic laugh. Then a flash is seen and lightning strikes. Then another flash is seen and Kermit smiles demonically. Both Kermit and the text disappear in a puff of smoke and all that's left is a black screen.

Jim Henson Pictures (2013-present): A digital remake of the 1997 JHP logo. We start off with a CGI motion picture camera with many lens of lasers shooting around. The camera then pans away to show Kermit himself seated on a giant crane extended it's way upper. Kermit and the crane appear much large and the text appears much small with "PICTURES" in the Arial Black font and appears much metallic. The sky also appears more sunset than before and more clouds are here moving. When the writing is made, some fireworks explode on the background. The crane also drops a much more harder way.

Jim Henson Hits (2014-present): We see Kermit, Animal and Mrs. Piggy holding hands together and strolling under the sun. "Jim Henson Hits" appears below.

9.107.2345.23: Flipnote Again:We see mr. bean looking at the kam! structure. then aaron comes and kicks Mr. bean! "kicking *********" appears.

Tailsdude999: Tails kick his Butt (1998): We see Kermit, Animal and Mrs. Piggy holding hands together and strolling under the sun. Tails ground pounds them one-by-one and starts walking under the sun. All of a sudden, Tails shakes in fear as the clouds turn into cumulonimbus and he screams "I WANT MY MOMMY!". Lightning strikes the sun. A tornado then picks him up which hails Tails into the sky. He then found himself in Heaven, calmed down. He looked at God. He said "Have you seen my pals?", God replied Oh yes, they seem to be dead". He then saw that the sun appears. He then starts doing a same thing (walking under the sun) as "Jim Henson Productions" appears briefly in a Tails font.


Dancing Kermit (2001): On a black background, we see Kermit tap dancing, he then gets crushed by a huge gray block reading "Jim Henson Pictures" in a cartoon font.