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heart1994 The Pound Puppies meet Droopy (1988): We see Catgut (from Pound Puppies) instead of Mimsie meowing. Suddenly, Catgut flies off the circle, and it's Droopy that kicked Catgut off the ribbon. He looks at the audience and declares, "Hello all you happy know what? I'm the hero." CheesyBob42 Calvin & Hobbes: The Movie (1988): MTM logo plays, but instead of Mimsie, Hobbes is in the circle and he twiddles his fingers as he says "Darn it, I can't even meow!" Tails2112 The Tails Show (after the 1995 episode of season 5): MTM Logo Plays, but Instead of Mimsie, Sonic is in the circle and he says "**** it, I can't even meow for Pete's sakes!!" ScottSteinerIsHUNGRY The Angry Video Game Nerd (1996-present): Mimsie is seen wearing the AVGN's glasses. Also, instead of meowing, Mimsie shouts "*beep*!!", as heard in the Nerd's review for "Top Gun" on the NES. domnickjr Dom & Son 50th Anniversary Special (1990): MTM logo plays, but instead of Mimsie, White the Dog is in the circle and barks. Gabkat2007 The Smurfs (1981-1989): MTM logo plays, but instead of Mimsie, Smurfette is in the circle and says "Bye bye!". On some episodes from 1981-1983, Mimsie wears a Smurf hat.
mariokart Yappo the Dog: The Abridged Series (1991-present): At the end, Mimsie is replaced with Smoothy barking. The MTM logo is seen after the Yappo the Dog Productions logo.

Tails1999: Idle Punks (1997-1998): Logo plays normally but Noodles is in place of Mimsie and says "That's All Dudes" At the end of Season 2, Dexter Yells "QUIET!!" when Bubbles (Emma Watson's cat) is in there. Mariofan88 Big Bill Hell's (1989-1998): Mimsie says "*beep* YOU" in the Big Bill Hell's type instead of meowing.

MechaKingghidoraFan: Mimsie vs. Apocalypse (1988): MTM logo plays, but Apocalypse (from X-Men) is in place of Mimsie, drills the entire logo and yells, "I HATE THAT CAT! I CAN'T EVEN *beep*ING MEOW, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!"

wolfie14 Movie Night with Jonny Paula (1989-1998): MTM logo plays, but Mimsie is wearing a director's cap. Food Frenzy (1981-1983): The MTM logo plays normally, but we see Mimsie eating a cookie. After that, Mimisie meows

SnowflakesOmega Yoshi Live! (1998-present): MTM logo plays, but instead of Mimsie, Yoshi appears and says: "Yoshi!"


The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show(1983-1986): The logo plays, but Mimsie is animated in Peanuts style and meows. After that, Snoopy comes in and says "Bleah!" (the audio is recycled from A Charlie Brown Christmas).
In the 1985 season, Mimsie is replaced by a certain character saying his/her line from a certain episode (e.g: On the episode "Peppermint Patty's School Days", we see Peppermint Patty saying "Hi, Chuck!" on the phone).


this movie was made in lowercase letters. get it? (1993): Instead of Mimsie meowing, he is replaced by Gannon and says "DIE!".