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El Kadsreian Disney Releases in 1978: The 1978 "Mickey Mouse's 50th Birthday" variant of the Walt Disney Home Video logo plays as normal, except the "Congratulating Mickey Mouse on his 50th Birthday!" text is also accompanied by the Japanese text "ミッキーマウスの50歳の誕生日おめでとうございます!" (roughly meaning the same thing), the Spanish text "¡Felicitando a Mickey Mouse por su 50 cumpleaños!", and the French text "Félicitant Mickey Mouse pour son 50e anniversaire!". It is then followed by the 1972 El TV Kadsre Films logo.

Doraemon 2: The Lucky Star 1995 (2006, Korean Version): On a blue gradient backdrop, a shower of light descends from the top of the screen, forming a stylized, segmented Snow White/Sleeping Beauty castle. The segments seem to be spaced farther apart by the time the light reaches the bottom. Through the main gate of the castle, a white ball of light forms, screens turns white and music stops, and Ping Ton from Ping Ton Comic 4 appears, then the words "WALT DINSEY PICTURES" appears, the logo stays onscreen for an extra three mintues before finally fading out. Also you can heard the Countdown Sound and Cutting Sound in last 6 seconds of the logo.

Walt Dinsey Pictures (Custom).png

The Berenstain Bears Movie (2010): The 1985-1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo plays instead of the current one, but when the "white" engulfs the castle, it turns into the Bears' tree house and then the logo does the usual thing.


The theatrical trailer had the 2006 WDP logo with the star going through the castle and it turned into the Bears' tree house.

Worms: The Movie (2008): The 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo plays, but when "Walt Disney PICTURES" appears, a Worm (like in the Worms video games) appears from the left of the screen and fires a bazooka at the castle, but the bazooka ends up sending the worm offscreen.

Babar to the Rescue (2006): The 1990 logo has just "DISNEY" without "WALT" and "PICTURES" and the circular line draws. This only appeared on the theatrical trailer and some TV spots.

Tokyo At Night (2010, Non-US Version): On the first half of the logo, the red sun in Japan is seen. On the official teaser trailer released online and in cinemas before the restored version of The Land Before Time, the 1990-2006 version of the logo plays, but when the line is drawn, a radial blur effect is added to the line drawing, a lens flare effect is added too. Sci-fi sound effects are added to each formation of a different part of the logo.


On another teaser trailer, released in cinemas before the digitally restored version of When the Wind Blows, the logo is seen on the front cover of an issue of the Sankei Shimbun (newspaper affiliated with Fuji TV).


Note: The text in the second variant translates to "Walt Disney Pictures and Shochiku Film find evidence that a group of cute girls infused with the DNA of various endangered animals in Tokyo."

Ringing Bell (1978, 30th Anniversary edition from 2008): We see the original 1990 logo, but it is shortened to the white light coming out of the castle entrance. The music for the Sanrio Film logo plays under it and the logo plays from the point in the music the Disney logo ends at.

The Hunt for the Coachman (2011): On the theatrical trailer, the print logos of the Walt Disney Pictures and the Village Roadshow logo are on signs on the side of a building in NYC with the Coachman's evil face on another sign on the right.

The Hunt for the Coachman (2029 film).png

The Scarlet Quill: An Animated Fantasy Adventure (December 25, 1992): After the opening scene and during the opening credits, there is a variant of the standard "Walt Disney Pictures presents" credit where the castle is orange and beside it is "Walt Disney" in its corporate font and "Pictures Presents" on the bottom in Times New Roman.


Donkey Kong Country (1997) The short variation from DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp plays, but the music is replaced with the music from the Rareware intro at the beginning of Donkey Kong Country. Also, it's made to look like the standard WDP logo.

Sailor Moon (1997): The 1995 variant of the 1985-2006 plays, but a bit darker than usual with slightly more of a blue tint.

Just before the "Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution" tag at the end of the credits, the print logos for Walt Disney Pictures and Universal Studios (the latter distributing the film in Australia and New Zealand and some countries outside North America) scroll up side-by-side.

Walt Disney Universal.png

Evil Belongs (2005): We see a text.

NOTE:The castle never appeared.

Walt Disney Pictures.png

Rata2ille (2013): We see the 1995 Walt Disney Pictures logo made by Pixar, but when the "Walt Disney PICTURES" text appears, Remy comes up, and then he aims his butt at the camera and farts loudly as the music abruptly stops and winds down. We hear a crowd yelling "EWWWWWWWWW!" and groaning in disgust as Remy gives an ashamed look and scampers off. The DVD commentary reveals that they did this because they were making fun of DreamWorks Animation and Enterprise Films' constant use of fart jokes, and the disgusted audience is meant to represent the Pixar studio themselves. The TV promos just have the 2006 Disney logo, as Remy runs in and crashes into the camera in DreamWorks-style.

The Great Mouse Detective II: A New Beginning (2014): The 1985-1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo plays, but after the circular line draws itself, Olivia Flaversham comes from the left of the screen and investigates the logo for a few seconds, then walks away.

Ratatouille 3 (2021): The current logo plays, but at the end, 20 pieces of cheese fall into the logo.

Barry and the Search for the 13 Meatballs (2006): The current logo plays, but after the circular line draws itself, Mario from the SMW cartoon comes up, and kicks the logo before leaving. Also, the logo burns up after Mario kicks the logo.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends Nature Trail (2003-2005, Disney Television): The 1985 logo would play, but the Big Ben chiming is heard instead of the normal tune, and the horn honking from the 1963-1964 Looney Tunes closing sequence is heard as the line draws itself.

'Marvel Vs. Capcom Series' (2007-Present, Non-US Version): The 1990-2006 logo plays as normal, but after the castle and Walt Disney Pictures logo are nearly completely revealed, Ryu (from the Street Fighter series) and Cyclops (from X-Men) accidentally destroy the castle. As this happens, the music screws up, and as they look bewildered, a Sentinel repairs the logo, and it fully reveals the Walt Disney Pictures logo. Then the last half plays, then the cue music. This is mainly humorous for fans of the Vs. series. At the end of all the films in the series, except for the 2nd one and the 3rd one, the short version of the 1985-1990 Walt Disney Pictures closing logo plays normally, but the "Pictures" text is replaced by the text "A Buena Vista Company" in Century Gothic, the "Walt Disney" text is in Japanese, and music from "MARVEL VS. CAPCOM CLASH OF SUPER HEROES" plays over the logo instead of the normal music.


Phineas and Ferb: The Movie (2009): The 1985-2006 logo plays, but Phineas is lowered down on a rope and presses a green button, which at the flash, turns the logo more high-tech and mechanical. Also, the logo is animated the way Phineas and Ferb are. On the teaser trailer which can be found on the Marvel vs. Capcom DVD, the 1983 blue "WALT DISNEY PICTURES" text is on the bottom of a TV screen with Slushy in the middle and we hear the DEI jingle with a person saying "After this" after the jingle, the Slushy sings "Slushy the Clown", then the TV breaks and explodes. On the TV spots, the logo is in stone and on a black background, and zooms in.

Sporty, the Mystery Inc. and their Animal Hospital Adventure (2011): The 1990 logo is in sepia-tone. Also, the word "PICTURES" zooms in, which is due to the movie being in 3-D. Then it fades away and the opening credits roll.


Halloween Stew (2010): The 1990 logo is seen, but the logo is having computer problems.


Frazzle the Orange Monster Takes Manhattan (2004): The 1990 logo plays normally, but the background is black and the logo is animated in an LED Neon sign.


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's Perfect Winter Vacation (2010): The 1985-1990 logo plays as usual, but it is covered with a blue sheet of metal.


Snowy Days (2010): The 1990-2006 logo plays, but snow is falling on the logo.

Pears in a Pocket (2003): The 1990-2006 logo plays, but the background is brown and the castle is replaced with a forest green pear. Also, the "Walt Disney Pictures" text is in the Pear-ish language from the movie reading "Pear Pe-pear Pe-Pear", the curve line is excluded, the "Pear Pe-Pear" script writes itself in instead of flashing in, and the music is a near-perfect and extended rendition of the 1955 Screen Gems fanfare. When the music finishes, the pear fades out, the text "Pear Pe-Pear Pe-Pear" moves into the center of the screen, morphs into the text "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" in the Times New Roman font, and the background changes into a forest. ​​​​​​


At the end of the film, we see the text "When in Florida, Visit" in the Pear-ish language, then a still of a Pear Pe-Pear version of the entrace to Walt Disney World.


Pears in a Pocket: The Sequel (2008): Similar to the above, only the variation is the 2006 logo with original music, then it pans upward. The message and fake still from the first movie are intact here.

Fairly Einsteins (2022): The 1990 logo is used, but when the flash reveals "Walt Disney", the castle fades into an artistic picture of the castle from "The Good Knight and the Bad Knight". Seen only on the teaser trailer.

Walt Disney Pictures logo (1990-2006) (The Little Einsteins Movie trailer variant).jpg

On the actual movie, the 1990 logo takes place at Disneyland and a Sleeping Beauty castle is in place of the Disney segemented castle.

20180729 075941.jpg

Dream World (2009): The 1990 logo plays, but it is animated the way the movie is and the segments of the castle are excluded, showing the castle in full for the first time ever. Also, the music is the opening theme of the movie and when the logo forms, the background turns into a night sky, filling the logo with darkness. After that, the camera pans down from the logo to a grassy field as the opening credits roll.


Poof in France (2022): After the 2006 logo animates (with the full company name), the castle gets destroyed by a wrecking ball and it segues directly into the 2021 Warner Bros. Pictures logo.


On the trailer, the 2006 logo is tinted in the color of cheddar cheese.


A Rainbow of Six Colors (2010): The 1995 logo is used, but the castle and the company's name change color and the background is blue-purple gradient.


Tron (1982, 30th Anniversary Edition from 2012): Basically a combination of The Muppets and Tron Legacy variants, but the logo is set on the original grid.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2 (2012): The 2011 version of the 2006 logo plays, but a thunderstorm replaces the fireworks.

The Lost Treasure (2010): The current logo animates like the 1995 logo.


G-Force 2 (2012): The entire logo is tinted in blue. Also, it is static-shocked and there is a box in front of the castle. Also, when the music finishes, the logo has a "wipe" transition effect into the Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo.


G-Force 3 (July 2017): Exactly like on G-Force 2, but when the music ends, the logo has an explosion effect, causing the box to jump away, then back down again, opening itself up to reveal a blue spotlight seguing into the Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo.

The Revenge of the Idiots (2011): The 1990 version of the 1985 logo plays without "Walt" and "PICTURES", but before the "white" engulfs the castle a black stick figure walks out of the castle. Also the 1985 WDP theme is extended.

Hot Wheels: Beat That! (June 2012): The 2011 version of 2006 logo plays, but it is shown on a drive-in movie shown at the start of the Hot Wheels circuit seen in the movie, preceded by the Icon Productions logo. When it fades into the WWE Studios, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Hasbro Studios and Activision logos with the same variant, the music "Cat Chase" (from Hanna (2011)) by the Chemical Brothers starts playing.

Hot Wheels: Battle Horse 5: The Movie (November 2013): Exactly like in Hot Wheels: Beat That!, but the music is "It's Finn McMissile!" (from Cars 2).

Tron 3 (2019): The 1990-2006 logo is used without "Walt" and "Pictures", but it has computerized effects from Tron Legacy.

Hanna vs. Thor (2015): A recreation of the 2011 version of the 2006 logo plays, but the sky is cerulean, the castle is dark vermilion and the logo takes place in a countryside. There is also some gunshots, thunder and lightning in the background, and you can see Hanna and Thor fighting on the castle. The music is "Devour" by Shinedown, also overlapping the fanfares of the other logos (Simitar Entertainment, Hasbro Studios, Activision, Lego Media, Traveller's Tales and Klasky Csupo).

Medieval Kings (2013): This variant uses elements from the Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides variant, like the fog at the beginning. The logo animates as usual but the flag is replaced with a 3D crown and when the word "Disney" fades in, a trebuchet comes in and throws a boulder, destroying part of the castle. After that, all of the flags fall apart, the logo turns green and it animates in reverse, beginning with the "Disney" text fading out. When we get to the logo's starting point, it turns yellow and segues into the Warner Bros. Pictures logo also customized for the movie.


Senor Fusion: The Motion Picture (2001, Direct-to-Video): The 1990 version of the 1985 logo plays, but the background is purple and the castle is green.

The P-Head Movie (July 28, 2000): The 1990 version of the 1985 logo plays, but the castle is replaced with the P-Head with a star above it. Also seen on TV spots and trailers.

PBS in Walt Disney.png

At the end of the film, it is the same thing as in the opening, but "Walt Disney" reads "Public Beatdown" and "PICTURES" reads "SERVICE".

Doraemon: Nobita and Galactic Express (1996, US version): The 1985-1990 version of the 1985 logo plays, but it changes colors. Also, it is pixelated and the music is an 8-bit remix of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" from Song of the South.


Logo Prediction- "Wreck-It Ralph"

Fasty's Really Fast Food (2013): (Note: This film was originally going to be released in 2012, but Disney flubbed and pushed it back one year later) The castle is replaced with a cheeseburger, french fries, and a chocolate shake.

Robotics (2012): The 1990 version of the 1985 logo plays without "Walt" and "PICTURES", but half of the castle, line, and text are torn off, revealing the robotic parts. The robot pieces from the castle look like the one from the inspector gadget and inspector gadget 2 variant.


Attack of the Evil Scissors (January 20, 2012): The 1983 logo is used without the words "WALT" and "PICTURES", but the logo is light blue. Also, the logo is rusted and the logo decays.


Fun Is Infinite (1997): The 1990 logo plays, but the logo is extended and before a flash draws the curve line, an 8-bit red truck moves backwards. Then, one side of the truck opens to reveal an 8-bit rocket. The rocket then attempts to draw the curve line, but it ends up falling and crashing into the truck. When the rocket crashes into the truck, they disappear and a red starburst with the words "BAM!" in blue appear.


Night of the Living Fleas (January 20, 2012): The 1990 logo is used without "Walt" and "PICTURES", but the logo is light green and the background is purple.

At the end of the movie and on all trailers and TV spots, the second half of the 1990 logo used in the opening is seen, but after the curve line is drawn, the light green and purple colors turn into squares and fly away, revealing the colors used in the normal 1990 logo.

Quincy Buzzer (1997): The 1990 logo looks like a drawing made by a kindergartener.


Motel for Birds (1997): The 1990 logo plays, but bird seeds fly in to the middle position before the logo forms. Also, the logo is on a black background and when the flash reveals "Walt Disney", the bird seeds quickly disappear.


The Story of the Three Frogs, Two Lizards, and a Ferret (2002): The 1990 logo plays, but the logo is zoomed out further than usual. Also, the curve line stays white and still glows when it gets drawn and a circle outline flies past the logo.

Walt Disney Pictures logo Zoomed out.jpg

Golden Bars (2013): The 2011 logo is shortened. Also, the logo is yellow and green except for the text and a golden bar draws the curved line.


The Fruit Trap (2009): Nearly the same as on the trailer for The Parent Trap, but the only differences are the 2006 logo (full version and with music) being there and the castle being replaced with an apple.

Stuck in the Suburbs (July 16, 2004): The 1990 logo is blue, the curved line is purple, the background is red, the script is light blue, and the word "PICTURES" is green. Also, four spray paint cans paint the logo one-by-one.

Walt Disney logo (Stuck in the Suburbs Variant).jpg

At the end of this film, the "filmed" 1990 logo plays, but the logo freezes at the point in which the flash is about to finish drawing the curved line. The opening version was produced at Wang Film Productions in Taipei, Taiwan and the closing version was produced by using cel animation at Hong Ying Animation in Taipei, Taiwan.

Walt Disney Pictures logo (Closing Red Background Variant).jpg

Abusement Park (2015): Exactly like the closing variants from Fantasia 2000 and The Emperor's New Groove, but the words "Walt" and "PICTURES" are excluded and the logo only says "Disney". Also, the logo is a little darker than usual.


Planet Newcastle (December 22, 2006): Nearly the same as on the 2006 version of The Shaggy Dog, but this time, the logo is normal. Also, the logo is silent, but when the curved line finishes animating, the logo freezes and ten notes from some other cartoon theme song play. Then, the 1990 logo's theme begins.

Star 104532 (April 2006): Exactly like on the 2006 version of The Shaggy Dog, but the light that circles the castle cuts a lot of parts of the castle off, causing the music to crash. Then, the curved line fades away, just like at the end of Fantasia 2000 and The Emperor's New Groove. After that, the logo animates in reverse, albeit with a lot of parts of the castle cut off.

Walt Disney Pictures logo (Star 104532 Variant).png

Zenon: The Zequel (January 12, 2001): The "filmed" 1990 logo proceeds as usual, but the line drawing over the castle is yellow and


Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns (December 30, 2000 in Japan, December 5, 2001 in the USA): The 1990 logo once again plays, but the castle glows white after it is formed and when the company's name is revealed the castle starts to grow. Also, when the curve line is formed, the curve line and the company's name then glow white as well. The Pokemon evolution sound starts playing as the logo slowly morphs into a circle. The circle's glow then dies down to reveal the circle is a purple electromagnetic sphere. The sphere then zooms in quickly, cutting to a black background to start the movie.

Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys (July 17, 2004 in Japan, January 22, 2005 in the USA): The 1990 logo is seen playing as usual, but when the shower of light reveals the words "Walt Disney" and "PICTURES" at the same time, the background is changed into an aurora background and the castle is replaced with a floating meteorite in form of the castle.


Pokemon: Jirachi: Wish Maker (July 19, 2003 in Japan, June 1, 2004 in the USA): The 1990 logo plays as normal, but the background is a starry background with glowing stars. Also, the castle is violet, the curve line is green, and the castle is formed downwards in slow motion.


Watch with Poof (TV, 1950-1973): On the first two DVD releases (Watch with Poof and Watch with Poof 2), the 1990 version of the 1985-2006 logo plays, but towards the end, the logo turns black-and-white with an old film look. In the closing variant, the logo is in its old film look from the opening variant, but toward the end, the old film effect disappears and the logo returns to colo(u)r. The music in both variants is the same as the 1987 BBC Video Watch with Mother variant.

O_o:(:)>:>, a Smiley movie (2004): The logo is made by internet memes, but a stick figure with a Smiley face fixes the logo, then walks away.

Make my System32 Delete! (2012):A kid with a toy hammer goes to the 2006 logo, and deletes the words "Walt" and "PICTURES", like The Muppets. Then the logo fades to a Windows computer. The kid right clicks the file and deletes it. Then the logo glitches and causes errors and suddenly displays a BSoD.

Explosion-o-Rama (2009): After the flashing in the 1985 logo, the light which circles the castle cut the top part of the logo.


Walt Disney Pictures Logo Spoof

Angel Beat Pretty Cure: Deka is Cure Infinity Queen?! The Grand Summer All-Star Movie! (2011): The 2000 logo plays, but it's now colored dark blue. The castle fades out as the spark forms the Angelic Wand as the word “インショップ!” (Angel beat singalong!) appears.


Champion of Justice (2017): On the theatrical trailer, just the "Walt Disney Pictures" text, with "Walt Disney" in the usual font, appears against a crescent moon background. It segues into the 2010 DreamWorks Animation logo, which is sped up at the start.

Return of the Champion of Justice (2019): The flag on the castle is white with a red circle in the center.

Legend of the Champion of Justice (2022): Panning down from the Universal Pictures logo, we see the 2006 logo, already formed. Here, the river is frozen, there's snow covering the surrounding land, and the "Disney" text takes on an icy look, complete with icicles. The camera goes through the castle gate, and the 2019 DreamWorks Animation logo is seen animating as usual behind the castle just before the camera enters through the gate.

Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose (1993): The 1990 variant of the 1985 logo has a pinkish tint to the castle.


On the 2016 3D re-release, the 2006 logo animates as normal, but the "Walt Disney PICTURES" text looks pinker.

Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice (1994): A snowstorm takes place during the 1990 variant of the 1985 logo.


On the 2016 3D re-release, the 2006 logo takes place in a winter environment, and the 'DiSNEY' text is the same as the Maleficent variant. The fairy dust forming an arc over the logo freezes upon appearing.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Black Dream Hole (1995): The 1990 variant of the 1985 logo looks more cyan in color than blue.


On the 2016 3D re-release, the 2006 logo is shown with its own variant, in which the riverboat suddenly lifts off from the river and starts flying.

Sailor Moon (1992-1997): On all Disney releases of the series since 2014, each episode starts with the normal 2006 logo (original variant, full animation), but with low-toned music.

Jem and the Holograms: The Movie (2013): The 1985 Walt Disney Pictures plays as usual. The only difference is that the starlight is pink/purple. When the logo finishes, Jem/Jerrica says "Showtime Synergy!"

Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension (2011): Same as the "Lilo and Stitch" variant, but the castle forms in a smoother rate, and the starlight still remains blue, just like the "Chicken Little" (2005) closing variant. In other words, this is almost the same as the "Disney Renaissance" variation, with the exception of the background, which is black. However, at the end, the castle gets zapped away by one of Doof's inventions. On TV Spots, Perry punches away the logo (Skip to 4:44 of the PaF:ATSD DVD opening to see the exact way that Perry does it).

At the end of the film, the cut-short version of the logo plays. However, it is the normal variation.

Phineas and Ferb 2 (2013): The 3-D version of the Walt Disney Pictures castle, which resembles the Pixar variation, is played on a sky background. The arc quickly forms. When the castle fades out, it pans slowly down to Phineas and Ferb's backyard. At the end of the film, the 2D version of the Walt Disney Pictures logo plays, however, the only difference is that it lacks the "Walt" and "Pictures". The rest plays like its Television Animation logo counterpart.


Over the Garden Wall (April 4, 1997, Widescreen Releases Only): Exactly like the variant seen on 101 Dalmatians (1996, John Hughes); Lady and the Tramp (1955, 1998 re-release, widescreen only); and Mary Poppins (1964, December 14, 2004 DVD release), but the logo's colours are low-saturated. The Full Screen releases in North America, Mexico and Brazil use the same variant asAladdin (1992). On European releases (France, Germany, Italy, UK, etc.), however, the choppy variant from The Great Mouse Detective(1992 re-release), A Muppet Christmas Carol, and Muppet Treasure Islandis used instead.

TRON Legacy (2010): Exactly like the Buena Vista variation with the haunting synthesized choir from the first film. Seen after the credits.


Poof and the Aristocats (2022): The 2006 logo plays (with the full company name), but after it is formed, Toulouse and Berlioz walk up to the logo. Berlioz pushes Toulouse into the water and Toulouse pops up out of the water and onto the right of the grassy field. Marie bounces on the W and says "Whee!". Berlioz says "Lemme try!" and starts bouncing on the W as well. Toulouse bounces on the D saying "This is pretty fun!". After he says that, they break the text, landing on "PICTURES" and Marie says "Oops, sorry Mr. Designer Man!" as Roquefort pushes the text off the screen and we go into the 2021 WB logo.

Rainy Days (1989): The 1985 logo plays, but the background is dark and stormy and lightning strikes to reveal the text "Walt Disney". Also, the castle has a picture of a sad face engraved on it.

Fire Emblem (1995): The 1985 logo plays, but the background is black and after the flash appears, a flame appears in behind the logo. The music is "Fire Emblem Theme" (Opera version).

Poof and Goldie See Melody Time (2023): The 1985 logo is used, but it takes place on the same background as the RKO Radio Pictures logo customized for the film. This variant replaces the RKO Radio Pictures logo on the version of Melody Time seen in the titled direct-to-video movie. It also appears on the theatrical trailer.


Fast Forward (2013): At the beginning of the film, the fullscreen 1986 Walt Disney Home Video logo plays, but it is shown on a TV screen and the spark just writes "Disney".

The Santa Clause vs The Abominable Snow Monster (2017): The 1985 logo plays, but the background is dark violet-blue, the castle is lavender-blue, the text reads "Disney", and a cartoon reindeer falls on top of the logo. "Walt" and "PICTURES" do not appear.

Dolan: The Movie (2004): The 2003 version of 1985 logo plays but Dolan is behind the castle.

Over The Rainbow (2002): The curved line is rainbow colored, and fireworks shoot up, making the castle colored in the 7 colors of the rainbow and the curved line thickens. Then we zoom into the gate of the castle.

Gravity Falls: The Movie (2016): TBA

Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Movie (2017): The 2006 logo plays, but with the Mewni castle replacing the regular castle, and a rainbow forms in place of the curved line. The rainbow then burns.

Roman's First Movie (2016): The logo is on a space background, the light that draws the curve is green and it looks and animates like the 1990 logo.

Dumb Guy: The Dumb Adventure Begins (2005): The Background is rainbow, plus the opening theme plays.

Dumb Guy 2: The Quest for the Elements of Stupid (2008): The "Walt Disney" text zooms in letter by letter rather than fading in, and the logo turns red after "Pictures" fades in

Dumb Guy 3: The Rise of Megacat (2011): Same as DG:TDAB, but the logo only reads "Disney" and when "Disney" is formed it turns into a space background, and we pan up to start the movie.

Dumb Guy 4: The Day of Warfare (2014): When we first see the castle, the logo starts glitching out and at the end, cuts to the opening scene of the movie.

Mr. Guy (1997): The logo plays normally, but the flash engulfs the screen and turns the background into a cloudy sky background and the castle is tinted in red, then we pan down to start the movie. At the end of the movie, the logo plays over the end credits' background (a night background), but when the flash happens it engulfs the screen again, but this time it turns back into the regular background.

Mr. Guy 2 (2003): The logo plays as normal, but after the flash, Stutter McStutterpants comes up and starts dancing around, before Mr. Guy says "I can't see the screen!", then Stutter falls over. On the teaser trailer, it's the same as the Treasure Planet teaser trailer variant, but it's on a sunny sky background and after the zoom into the spark forming the curved line, it flashes into Earth.

Mr. Guy 3: Fully Reloaded (2012): The 1985 logo plays as normal, but it only reads "Disney" and the spark forming the curved line cuts off the top half of the castle, before it falls over and the parts of it become scattered. On the trailer, it's the same teaser trailer variant as the previous one, but it only reads "Disney", it's on a cloudy background, and we zoom into the spark to see Neebydopia.

Ethan: An Epic Movie (2001): The 1985 logo plays normally but the background is red.


Ethan 2: The Epicness Continues (2004): The 1985 logo plays normally, but a tornado passes by the logo when the curved line is drawn.

Walt Disney Pictures gets sucked by a tornado!.png

Ethan 3: A Glitch is a Glitch (2007): The 1985 logo plays normally but when the flash happens, it pixelates.

Walt Disney Pictures pixelates!.png

Pokémon: Acreus and the Jewel of Life (2009): The 2006 logo plays as usual but when the Disney text fades in it zooms out projected on the Jewel of Life and Sheenia's hand picks it up and Kevin turns on the projected and saying " Let's get this movie started" and turns on the Walt Disney Animation Studio "Steamboat Willie" Logo plays.

Polar Express (2011): The logo is in style of the movie and the train goes across the logo. At the end of the movie the classic castle plays but it's a black background and the castle,text and curve are yellow-goldish.

Mickey! (2011): Mickey is seen on top of the castle.

The Secret Life of Arietty (2012): The classic castle logo is seen on a wrinkley green background.

Finding Dory (2016) The logo fades to the beginning scene.

My Life As A Teenage Robot (2016): The variant is mixed with the Inspector Gadget and The Lizzie McGuire Movie variant.

Star VS The Forces of Evil: The Movie (2019): The variant described by LJK193 is used but the rainbow is replaced by the regular curved line.


AdaMario's Movie (2016): The castle is replaced by AdaMario's house, and "Disney" is replaced by "AdaMario".

Digimon Adventure 02: The Real T.K. An Russian DigiDestined Special (2016): The Castle is Russian Flag by Digimon Emperor's Castle.

Digimon Adventure 02 (2016).png

Kingdom Hearts (2002): The 2000 logo plays, but is dark blue.

On the 2013 & 2017 rereleases, the 2011 version of the 2006 logo is dark blue.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004): The 1995 version of the 1985 logo plays, but the background is white, the castle & the word "PICTURES" are white & the "WALT DiSNEY" text is black.

On the 2007 Japanese & 2008 North American rereleases, the 2006 logo plays, but fades into the opening of the movie. Same goes for the 2013 & 2017 rereleases, only it is the 2011 version.

Tai Chi Chasers vs Pokemon Indigo League (2005): The 2006 Logo plays, but is Pokemon Center in London and Kuala Lumpur

Tai Chi Chasers vs Pokemon XYZ (2010).png

Kingdom Hearts II (2005 / 2006 internationally): On the Japanese release, the 2000 logo plays, but is light blue.

On the international release & the 2007 Japanese rerelease, the 2006 logo plays, but is light blue & shortened. Same goes for the 2014 & 2017 rereleases, only it is the 2011 version.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (2009): The 2006 logo plays, but is dark orange. Same goes for the 2013 & 2017 rereleases, only it is the 2011 version.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (2010): The 2006 logo plays, but fades into a night sky. Same goes for the 2014 & 2017 rereleases, only it is the 2011 version.

Kingdom Hearts coded (2010 / 2011 internationally): The 2006 logo plays, but it glitches at the end. Same goes for the 2014 & 2017 rereleases, only it is the 2011 version.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (2012): The 2011 version of the 2006 logo plays, but the sky is light blue & there are more clouds.

Kingdom Heartsχ [chi] (2015 / 2016 internationally): The 2011 version of the 2006 logo plays, but becomes enveloped by darkness at the end.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage (2017): The 2011 version of the 2006 logo plays, but becomes a reflection on the sea.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: The Movie: The spark is red and it turns into MMC CGI and Rushes towards the clubhouse.

DuckTales: The Movie (2021): The Current Logo is animated like the show, it takes place in Duckburg.

The Star Wars Wiggles Movie (2023): The 2011 version of the 2006 logo plays, but the animation and design of the logo is in the same style as the show. Once the 'Disney' text appears, the logo glitches revealing sections of the 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and the regular 2006 logos, the old and new prints logos, and many variations from Toy Story, That Darn Cat!, Meet the Deedles, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Tarzan, Inspector Gadget, My Favorite Martian, Fantasia 2000, Recess: School's Out, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Country Bears, Return to Never Land, Snow Dogs, Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True, Lilo & Stitch, Stitch's Trial, The Jungle Book 2 Piglet's Big Movie, Freaky Friday, Stitch! The Movie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, George of the Jungle 2, The Haunted Mansion, Teacher's Pet, Lorenzo, Home on the Range, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, Pooh's Heffalump Movie, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch, Ice Princess, Sky High, Chicken Little, Brother Bear 2, Bambi 2, Leroy & Stitch, The Shaggy Dog, The Wild, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, Enchanted, Presto, Bedtime Stories, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Race to Witch Mountain Tangled, Tron Legacy, Mars Needs Moms, Prom, John Carter, Frankenweenie (2012), Paperman, Wreck It Ralph (closing variant), Oz the Great and Powerful, The Lone Ranger, Planes, Saving Mr. Banks, Frozen, Get a Horse!, Maleficent, Feast, Into the Woods, Frozen Fever, Cinderella, Tomorrowland, Jon Favreau's version of the Disney logo used in The Jungle Book (2016) and The Lion King (2019), Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Finest Hour, Inner Workings, Beauty and the Beast, The Last Warrior, A Wrinkle in Time, Incredibles 2, Christopher Robin, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp, Noelle, Mulan, Jungle Cruise, and Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Big Hero 6 2 (2023) The 2011 logo plays, but it's has sound effects. At the end of the film, the 2011 logo plays, but the regular curve line is on fire.

Disney (Big Hero 6 2 Variant).png

Buena Vista International Disney Closing (on it's shutdown) The 1990 logo plays but the sounds are just the Buena Vista ascending chimes and theres no flash, and the wordmark is the copyright wordmark.